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Scandic Staycation Giveaway

The winner has been drawn!

As promised, here is the giveaway of a night for two at a Scandic Hotel of your choice! This is only available in Sweden, so sorry to all my international readers, if you want to join in you will have to come to Sweden to claim your prize. All you have to do to have a chance to win is comment here and tell me why you and your friend/partner/whatever need a hotel night. I will draw the winner on Friday next week.

While you are thinking about what to write, find a little inspiration over at Scandics Staycation campaign site where you can create your own romantic film, with you and your loved one starring in the main roles!


  • Gabrielle Sharp says:

    I have never won anything in my whole life. To win this would be possibly the best prize. Ever.

    2010-10-16 | 11:33:42
    URL: http://yesterdayfurniture.co.uk
  • vosgesparis says:

    This would be the reason I could go and have a weekend in Scandinavia for the first time of my life ;) So please count me in for it


    2010-10-16 | 12:19:48
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • Kyli says:

    My husband and I met, married, bought a house and got a dog all within the span of two years. We spent our honeymoon two years ago in Stockholm. The whirlwhind of work and bills is catching up with us and it would be amazing to be able to go back to Sweden and have some time to relax and enjoy each other's company.

    2010-10-16 | 13:25:28
  • Samuel Brøgger says:

    In April, my wife and I had planned a romantic weekend in Paris. But the very day we had to fly out, the volcano ash cloud ruined our plans.

    Then we planned a big three week trip to America in September. But then my wife got too sick to travel, and we had to cancel again!

    So, needless to say, we need a win Ü

    2010-10-16 | 14:06:51
  • Ani says:

    I would love to stay a night in Stockholm with my husband, only two of us. We have a 9 month old baby girl with teeth on the way and a ongoing house building project... do I need to say more? :)

    2010-10-16 | 14:19:45
    URL: http://aniliini.blogspot.com
  • Anna says:

    We got married this summer, we dont have a lot of money so it was a budget weding and no honeymoon. we spent oure wedingnight at a lobudgethotel. We wold love a mini honeymoon!

    2010-10-16 | 15:36:26
  • Emelie says:

    I somras blev vi gravida. Åh vilken lycka, tills jag ganska snart började må uselt. De första 17 veckorna har jag mest legat framför toalettstolen och undrat vad jag gett mig in på. Min pojkvän har tappert tagit hand om mig och hemmet på bästa vis. Nu är vi inne i vecka 20 och jag börjar äntligen bli människa igen. Jag skulle vilja överraska min pojkvän med en natt för bara oss, för att visa uppskattning för hur fin han har varit.

    2010-10-16 | 15:57:31
  • Sandrine says:

    My husband and I have been once in Stockholm for a week-end. It had been the most romantic and the nicest moment in my life. I would like to feel that feeling again !

    2010-10-16 | 16:11:24
  • veronica says:

    oh...my brother is living in s. he is running an architecture office there who's called HAPPY SPACE. i wish you pick me up ...and i will give the night to my brother and his wife. i would be very happy.. v

    2010-10-16 | 17:09:39
    URL: http://grandjean.li
  • Elisabeth says:

    I don't have a husband to offer. But my good friend Joana. We both started working in advertising this year – which means 50 hour weeks and little pay. We have almost survived our probation time by now – which means we're now able to take days off. Since I studied in Sweden (Uppsala) for a while I'd love to enjoy a weekend with my friend in Stockholm, show her my favourite spots, eat kanelbulle – and maybe flirt with some cute Swedish guys since we're both single with no time to find a decent guy ;-)

    2010-10-16 | 17:48:49
  • Sara Lindgren says:

    I work nights at a hotel in Göteborg and every evening I see people who are exited about being away, staying in a hotel, looking forward to sleeping in crisp and clean white sheets and having a long, long breakfast. I want to feel it too!

    2010-10-16 | 18:03:35
  • Eva B says:

    Pregnant with our second child (9 weeks) I have been feeling so naoseous that I basically have not been able to get out of bed. My husband has taken care of everything; food, work, home, child and me...

    Spending a night at a hotel would be a nice treat for my husband and me; he really deserves this get away!

    2010-10-16 | 19:14:35
  • Anonym says:

    My first thought: Wow! I want to spend a night with my man in a hotel. I'm a student and it's rarely I can give him any extraordinary presents or stay at a hotel. But then I realised that this is not what we need. I just want him to move home, thou he live abroad due to work. I miss him so much. Give it to some nice, stressed small-child-parents, instead, and hope they can find a babysitter.

    2010-10-16 | 19:47:02
  • Ola says:

    Yesterday I saw a poster that there are new plane connection from my city to Stockholm. It could be great to visit your city, spend night in great hotel and maybe visit FORMEX. What do you think about it?

    2010-10-16 | 21:06:27
    URL: http://fotobloo.blogspot.com
  • helene wilhelmsen says:

    I have the kindest mother who i respekt a hole lot. She have stod by and helped me when things and life have been hard. And i would love to take her on a littel holliday.


    2010-10-16 | 22:43:07
  • Pernille Larsen says:

    Copenhagen is my home town - and even though Malmø is very near and I go often for just a day - I have never stayed there a night. My best friend and I would love to try out a staycation in a place so close to home - but though with the exotic touch of Sweden:)

    2010-10-17 | 02:01:53
  • Matilda says:

    I got married this summer with the most lovely guy ever, but since we both are students we couldn't afford a honey moon and had to work all summer instead. This weekend would be our short version of a honey moon and would mean so much for us!

    Thanks for a very inspiring blog!

    2010-10-17 | 11:15:32
  • Jenna M says:

    I'd so happy to come to Stockholm with my boyfriend to have lovely mini autumn holiday. I worked the whole summer and didn't have any holiday. And of course it would be brilliant to visit the nearest Urban Outfitters (I live in Helsinki and we don't have one) and lovely secondhand shops of Stockholm!

    2010-10-17 | 12:12:42
  • lou says:

    i'd be more than happy to go to sweden to claim my prize. :) because i am going to sweden anyway—or at least that is the plan for my 30th birthday— and will need not only a great place to stay in but one that showcases the best of swedish design. also, a free place may just convince one of my friends to come with me! :)

    2010-10-17 | 17:40:13
    URL: http://lounatik/tumblr.com
  • Helene says:

    Skulle vara fantastiskt att vinna. Jag skulle ta med min bästa vän som precis avslutat en tuff behandling mot bröstcancer. Egentid, shopping och ladda batterierna är precis vad hon (och jag) skulle behöva:))

    2010-10-17 | 21:37:25
  • Pia says:

    I finally decided to leap out into unemployement - decided by my insatisfaction with my current job. I hope to find something more exciting and something where I can do what I love - be creative in terms of blogging, advertising, apparel designing at the same time as enjoying being a wife, mother and ME. However finacial crises tell tales of higher unemployement rates and companies closing... So WHY I should win - well because I have a wonderfull husband that is supportive... and pushy. A guy that still make me go ohhhh still after almost 10 years. And furthermore we have been dreaming about a trip to our neighbour country without our two lovely kids - a little time to be just us...

    2010-10-18 | 08:57:36
    URL: http://pia-munk-janson.blogspot.com
  • gunilla says:

    gravid i 29 v. i nov kommer hela tjocka släkten på besök för pappa fyller 60 samt första barnbarnet 1 så det blir full rulle en hel helg i november. som du vet så bor ju i princip alla lite för trång här i stockholm så mamma + man ska sova i vårt vardagsrum. skulle vara toppen att en egen natt för oss själv. samt att då får även mamma + man en egen natt för sig själva.

    2010-10-18 | 09:09:00
  • nilla says:

    gravid i 29 v. i nov kommer hela tjocka släkten på besök för pappa fyller 60 samt första barnbarnet 1 så det blir full rulle en hel helg i november. som du vet så bor ju i princip alla lite för trång här i stockholm så mamma + man ska sova i vårt vardagsrum. skulle vara toppen att en egen natt för oss själv. samt att då får även mamma + man en egen

    2010-10-18 | 09:10:33
  • Malin says:

    Skulle inte vara fel att tillsammans med sambon få en paus från vardagen så här i slutet på graviditeten med andra barnet. Planera och ladda lite inför tvåans ankomst, få sova ostört en hel natt med sovmorgon och sedan få avnjuta en lång hotellfrukost! Låter som en dröm!

    2010-10-18 | 09:27:45
  • Ericka Hedlund says:

    I am a Texan living in Sweden with my Swedish husband. We are both students now, living in Malmö. We've never had a honeymoon but we've always talked about visiting the north of Sweden (something even he's never done). I think it'd be a great honeymoon to visit the very north this winter- cozy and romantic.

    2010-10-18 | 12:58:00
  • StyleStories says:

    Jeg vil rigtig gerne vinde, fordi jeg elsker Sverige, og det kunne være perfekt med en helg der på hotel!

    /Mette fra Danmark


    2010-10-18 | 14:09:44
    URL: http://www.stylestories.dk
  • Anna Se says:

    Wow, vilket lyxigt pris! Jag vill gärna vinna då jag skulle behöva lite miljöombyte efter snart 8 månaders sjukskrivning. Jag gick in i den berömda väggen för andra gången. Vore perfekt att vinna, få komma bort och få lite nya intryck.

    Tack för all inspiration! Kram Anna

    2010-10-18 | 15:25:14
  • Gisela says:

    Hej! Vill bjuda med mig min alldeles underbara väninna på en mysig tjejhelg! Vi behöver båda komma iväg och få lite inspiration. Ingen av oss har träffat vår drömman än, så kanske finns han i Stockholm :-)

    Tack för en härlig blogg!

    2010-10-18 | 15:37:03
  • Po-Jo says:

    Too much information-warning issued...

    Me & the Mr are currently working on getting a bun in the oven... Needless to say, lots of fun, but oddly enough it's beginning to feel more like work than play(!). Thinking a change of scenary might just bring the fun back...

    2010-10-19 | 00:38:32
  • Samuel Brøgger says:

    Comment #4 from the top continued...

    The reason my wife got too sick to travel in September, was that she is pregnant and has been throwing up constantly since then. She is still too sick to go to work or do anything else but lie in bed. I would love to suprise her with a romantic getaway to Sweden (we live in Denmark) when she feels better (hopefully soon!).

    Forgive me for double-commenting.


    2010-10-21 | 00:19:07
  • Frida says:


    Jag skulle vilja ge detta till min kompis och hennes kille som har sålt sin lägenhet utan att ha hittat någon ny och därför kommer att behöva bo i kappsäck under hösten. Tror att en natt på hotell skulle göra dem gott!

    2010-10-21 | 13:52:06
  • Delphine says:

    Today is Johan's birthday and i forgot it... :(

    I feel really ashamed.

    This would be a wonderful gift for him !

    2010-10-21 | 18:54:40
  • Joel says:

    Ända sen vi flyttade för ett drygt år sedan har jag och min fru sovit på en madrass på golvet. Anledningen är att vi inte får plats med sängramen innan vi renoverat, och i och med det, bytt ut och flyttat de gamla garderoberna.

    Det har tagit längre tid än vad vi trott, och nog för att hon varit en "trooper" såhär långt men jag vet att hon nu börjar bli lite lagom trött på att sova på golvet...

    En helg på hotell löser inte problemet men det vore iallafall inte fel att få sova "i normalhöjd" ett par nätter!!

    2010-10-22 | 10:40:19
  • Kim says:

    Having lived in Europe for 8 years now, my Canadian husband never got the chance to explore Europe. Ever since he moved (to Amsterdam, to be together with me - how sweet!) it seems there's always been something that kept us from going on a holiday; from having to evacuate our house to having babies. Not all bad, but a real holiday, just the two of us... never happened.

    A little trip together would be the crown on all that keeps us going strong.

    2010-10-22 | 20:13:52

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