Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Saturday Sweets

Hi all! Are you here for your weekly treats? Here you go! A bag full of dining rooms is what I have for you today. Have a great weekend!


  • Caro says:

    Hi Emma! I love, love, love the table on the forst pic! So cool! best, Caro

    2010-10-09 | 21:30:28
    URL: http://www.daydate.blogspot.com
  • Hanna from the corner table says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, again! Loving it :)

  • Anonym says:

    Hi, I stumbled here...- and now I am drooling over these photos- Love!

    2010-10-10 | 16:28:15
  • Annamaria says:

    Oops-I just realised I left no identity- I didn't mean to write an anonymous comment!- so thanks again-

    2010-10-10 | 16:30:41
    URL: http://annamariaart.blogspot.com/
  • European Chic says:

    I love the first space with the modern chairs and the carved legs dining table but I wonder if this is an office. Does anybody know?

    2010-10-10 | 21:42:23
    URL: http://europeanchicdesign.blogspot.com/
  • josephine! says:

    fina inredningar! :)

    allt braaaa?

    2010-10-11 | 11:23:49
    URL: http://josephineegustafsson.blogg.se/
  • Olivia says:

    Åhh, vad roligt med en designblogg! Jag älskar inredning och design! :) Och väldigt fina inredningar :)

    2010-10-11 | 14:06:40
    URL: http://fubbles.blogg.se/
  • Rikke says:


    Fantastisk det første bordet der:)

    2010-10-11 | 15:36:36
    URL: http://rikkesstil.blogspot.com
  • Cat says:

    Thanks for the inspiration I really love the first table so whimsical and fun!

    2010-10-11 | 20:44:20
    URL: http://nosybynature.tumblr.com/
  • copywaitress says:

    gorgeous interiors! thank you :)

    2010-10-12 | 00:22:19
    URL: http://nailpolishspace.blogspot.com/
  • laura says:

    Love the wooden folding chairs, I just found some on craigslist!

    2010-10-12 | 04:02:21
    URL: http://style-for-style.blogspot.com
  • Annie May says:

    ummm seriously just drooled over the last space:-)

    2010-10-12 | 09:08:12
    URL: http://www.yolksy.blogspot.com
  • huset i husvik says:

    For noen kontraster! Me like:-)

    hilsen fra helle

    2010-10-12 | 12:06:44
    URL: http://husetihusvik.blogspot.com
  • chairsmith says:

    White is a wonderful thing!

    2010-10-12 | 12:58:59
    URL: http://www.chairsmith.blogspot.com/
  • Viktor Frisk says:

    Uhh really nice, i like white and black :)

    2010-10-12 | 19:38:58
    URL: http://knockouts.eu/
  • Sara - Shopselected says:

    Really nice inspiration. Love the way they mix different styles, textures and materials.

    Best/ Sara - Shopselected

    2010-10-12 | 21:17:19
    URL: http://www.shopselected.se
  • Melanie Hurt says:


    I'm a long time veiwer—always love your posts. We're remodeling our entire house and today you motivated me to continue insulating. Happy day to you!


    2010-10-17 | 18:19:14
  • littlewang says:

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