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Introducing Shak-Shuka

I would like to introduce my latest sponsor, Shak-Shuka!
Behind the funny name (meaning to shake or mix up) is a webshop full of sustainable products for children. The name comes from the Hebrew word leshakshek, and Shak-Shuka is also the name of a mixed-up dish served in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Here it is used as a symbol of how the world is evolving in to a great big mix of different nationalities and cultures.  Actually, this company is a little melting pot in itself, with a heritage from Spain, Argentina and America, but based in the Netherlands. You can read more about the little family behind the company in their blog here!

Shak-Shuka isn't only green, but stylish too! I found lots of great products while browsing their shop, both clothing, toys and decorating details. I think that shopping green is even more important than usual when the products are meant for children, as eco friendly also means human friendly with no toxic chemicals in toys and clothing. Kids and babies are so much more sensitive than us, and they also have the habit of putting everything within reach in their mouths, so to me it feels totally right to buy only eco friendly things for my kids.

Here are some of my picks:

Paper puppets

Mr Moustache mobile

Track suit set

Casa Cabana Playhouse


  • hem says:

    Så fina saker, vi hade ett lekhus av kartong hemma för barnen några år sen som var jätte uppskattad. Det gick och rita på den med.

    Trevlig helg!!

    2010-10-02 | 09:48:49
    URL: http://annaleenashem.blogspot.com
  • Frida H says:

    WOW! Underbara skapelser! Tack för tipset!


    2010-10-03 | 19:43:38
    URL: http://livingdeluxe.blogg.se/

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