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Grettisborg Apartments, Reykjavík

From the last posts super luxe hotel to a smaller and more personal alternative for holiday living, Grettisborg Apartments in Reykjavík, Iceland. This is an apartment hotel run by couple Rósa and Snæbjörn who also has their own industrial design firm Hugdetta.

Personally, I love apartment hotels, they are so much more practical when travelling with children as you can stay in to make your own dinner instead of trying to get the kids to behave in fancy restaurants, you get to have breakfast in private where noone minds your grumpy morning face and messy hair and also separate bedrooms is a huge plus!

Grettisborg apartments are located in the centre of Reykjavík, just a few steps off the main shopping street, but in a calm and quiet back garden. All of the apartments have their own kitchens designed by Rósa and Snæbjörn, who of course did all of the decorating themselves too. The look is a mix of modern, paired down furniture and vintage details, which gives the look of a real home, so much nicer than the generic hotel interiors.

Thanks to Sari for the tip!


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