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Photographer Per Gunnarsson

I wrote about Swedish photographer Per Gunnarsson last November, but now he has a whole new website, and it's great! Full of crispy bright pictures of Swedish homes and summer houses, and lots of his features for Sköna Hem are available here, which is very nice news to me as I've been looking for those online before. Take a look for yourself!


  • Per Gunnarsson photographer says:

    Have a look at my new website


    2010-05-18 | 14:20:10
    URL: http://www.pgfotograf.com
  • Pangaea says:

    These homes and Per Gunnarsson's photos are like a breath of fresh air, aren't they? Such serene feeling rooms. Makes me want to paint my rooms all white!

  • Ludmila {CreamyLife.com} says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I'm heading to Per Gunnarsson's site immediately! His style is so much of my type! Thank you, Emma!

    2010-05-18 | 19:58:47
    URL: http://www.creamylife.com/
  • Kellie says:

    i think im in love! the chalkboard in the kitchen is one of my favorite ideas- ever!!


    2010-05-18 | 22:49:30
    URL: http://www.getthewordsout.blogspot.com
  • Kate says:

    I adore the second photo. High contrast white and black can be harsh, but the pale pink bouquet, fuzzy black rug and textural chandelier soften up the look. Perfection!

    2010-05-19 | 02:20:20
    URL: http://cookieandkate.com
  • gunilla says:

    like it a lot! need more black and white at home.

    2010-05-19 | 08:45:03
    URL: http://sistersinyarn.blogspot.com/
  • ::Sofia-Tingelings:: says:

    Vad kul, det där hemmet minns jag. Just för att det är så fantastiskt.

    2010-05-19 | 09:33:29
    URL: http://tingelings.devote.se
  • Ylva says:

    åh, den där bilden med vita soffan och Marimekkokuddarna är en av mina absoluta favoriter någonsin. Ljuvligt alltsammans!

    2010-05-19 | 10:39:04
    URL: http://darlingthings.blogspot.com
  • Mia says:

    Superfina bilder! Tack för tipset :-)

    2010-05-19 | 14:48:53
    URL: http://mialinnman.blogspot.com
  • Maria says:

    Fantastiskt fint, men vad är det för exakt vit färg på väggarna? Ska måla om hemma och letar den "rätta" vita färgen?

    2010-05-19 | 15:56:42
  • camilla - vitarummet says:

    SÅ himla fint! Jag vill genast gå lös med vita penseln här hemma :)

    2010-05-19 | 20:14:32
    URL: http://vitarummet.blogg.se/
  • EmbLeM says:

    Jag undrar varför du bara skriver på engelska :P

    2010-05-20 | 09:18:32
    URL: http://embelms.blogg.se/inredning
  • Linda says:

    Generally I don't like white interiors as they look too sterile but this is THE solution; because it's warm and almost shabby chic and feels like a real home. White isn't easy to keep clean in some parts of the world though (Africa, Caribbean - the latter which also gets loads of Sahara dust).

    2010-05-20 | 10:00:23
    URL: http://tt.linkedin.com/in/lindalouison
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Maria, det är bilder från olika hem alltihop, så det är nog olika vita nyanser.

    Emblem, jag har så många utländska läsare att det blir bäst att skriva på engelska. Jag testade ett tag att skriva på både svenska och engelska, men det tog så lång tid att skriva varje inlägg då att det inte kändes värt det. Svenskar kan ju läsa engelska ändå, men de flesta av mina läsare kan inte läsa svenska. :)

    2010-05-20 | 10:05:02
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Paulo says:

    Ah... that second kitchen picture has been one of my favourite kitchens ever since i saw it. If anyone is curious the shelves are made by hyllteknik.se (steglöst system).

    Kellie, chalkboard in the kitchen is fun, useful and an INEXPENSIVE hack. So, if you have a white wall available (we had a white column on a corner) go and paint it with chalkboard paint now!

    I'm a big fan of black and white contrast in the kitchen and both kitchens have it. Will definetly check out his portfolio. Thanks.

    2010-05-20 | 12:28:44
  • Ewelina says:

    The third and second picture from the end are really good. The one with 'All Stars' because of the Barcelona stools, which I simply love - I have both the chair and the stool myself. The living room has a great art-on-display wall. Love the idea of pictures being stacked in that way. It's easy to take a new one in from depending on our mood. Cheers, Ewelina

    2010-05-21 | 23:09:12
    URL: http://www.ereszke.wordpress.com
  • Mapiurka says:

    Love this place!

    2010-06-05 | 23:56:50
    URL: http://mapiurka.blogspot.com/
  • erika says:

    can you give me the name of the wonderfull "Stehlampe"

    2012-06-08 | 13:46:11

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