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Introducing Papershop!

I have a new sponsor that I would love to introduce! Their name is Papershop, and they are a Finnish webshop stocked full of the most wonderful, carefully chosen paper goods from small manufacturers from all over the globe. Special care has been taken to choose high quality products made in a sustainable and ethically acceptable way.
The selection changes with seasons and trends, and new items are stocked every month. You can find anything you need made of paper here, like postcards, wrapping paper, notebooks and posters. And if you can't find the perfect invitation for your party, the girls behind Papershop are happy to make it for you!

Below are some of my favorites from their current stock, a postcard, a poster and some wrapping paper with pretty birds:

Happy Weekend!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and have time to rest after the week! I'm wishing my kitchen would somehow magically transform into something tranquil and beautiful like this while I'm spending my weekend cleaning it... Picture from Norm Cph.

Random rooms

Ok, so I'm still super stressed and just as busy as yesterday, but I'm guessing that doesn't stop you from wanting some drool worthy pictures, right? So I'm just gonna throw some random livingrooms at you, hope you like them, and continue cleaning!


No post

Sorry, no pictures today, I'm super busy trying to get the house ready for the real estate agent who's coming on Monday to take pictures for the ad. I had planned to show you Tina Hellberg's excellent (as always) styling job from the latest issue of Elle Interiör, but Tiger beat me to it, so hop on over to her blog instead!

See you all here tomorrow!

Photographer Bobo Olsson

Another photographer with the same agent as Fabian Björnstjerna who shot the kitchen below, is Bobo Olsson. He regularly works for the mags Residence and Elle Interiör and I have featured his work before, but only credited the stylist then. Now I want to shine the light on Bobo, as I think he is a great photographer! His works stands out in the way that the light isn't the same as in most other pics by Scandi photographers, and the contrasts are harder, which I think makes Bobo's work looks more international.

Living with vintage

A great article from the latest issue of Danish deco mag RUM.

Yes please, I'll take the whole kitchen!

More from Susanna Vento

Happy weekend to you all! I hope you will have a lovely one!

This is some more of stylist Susanna Vento's work, enjoy!

Open space living by Susanna Vento

Minimalist black and white living/diningroom/kitchen by Finnish stylist Susanna Vento, photo by Mirva Kakko. Notice the pattern in the painting reoccurring in the splash back over the kitchen counters. This makes me want a black wall! Oh, and the sofa, does anyone know where it's from? Or the dining table and benches? I've been looking for benches like that forever!

Blog baby: i lay my hat and wish to stay office

Apartment by Atelierin

I got an email from the small Belgian design studio Atelierin, and was stunned by this 60 sqm apartment in Ghent that they designed. I love the clean lines and the multifunctional bench along the wall, which starts off as an office, transforming into a platform for cushions, hiding radiators, and ending in the bathroom where it serves as a step up for the shower. The bed is in the middle of this scenery, where the view into the bedroom is blocked by a screen of blackened Ash frames. And of course the glossy concrete flooring looks great!
Check out Atelierin's site for more of their projects!

Photographer Per Gunnarsson

I wrote about Swedish photographer Per Gunnarsson last November, but now he has a whole new website, and it's great! Full of crispy bright pictures of Swedish homes and summer houses, and lots of his features for Sköna Hem are available here, which is very nice news to me as I've been looking for those online before. Take a look for yourself!

Happy Weekend!

I'm signing off for the weekend now. My boyfriend has a very rare weekend off, so we have a huge amount of things to take care of in the house. Hopefully my hairdresser will have time for me too, and we are definitely taking some time  between cleaning and oiling the patio chairs to have a fika in the sun. It's supposed to be summer weather here tomorrow, 22° C and sunny! What are your plans for the weekend?

I thought I'd leave you with this apartment from Bolaget, I just couldn't not post it!

An apartment in Malmö

I can't stop looking at estate agent Bolaget's website, it's so full of amazingly perfect apartments I almost wish I was living in Malmö, where all of their homes are located. This 2 bedroom flat was built in 1938, and has been renovated to it's full glory by architect Jonas Lindvall. The kitchen and bathroom are new, and so are the light switches, electrical outlets etc, but he chose pieces that look just like the original to suit the functionalist style of the house.

House hunting

We are looking for a new home, closer to Stockholm, and this week we went to see a couple of apartments. The first was beautiful, built in 1939 and withing walking distance of the city center, but the layout wasn't working for us. It had a dining room instead of a third bedroom, and although it would have been nice to use that as a master bedroom, with a beautiful fireplace (imagine going to bed with a nice log fire burning...) and a balcony, it just didn't quite click for us.

The second flat was the one below, which was completely amazing! 3.2 meter high ceilings, a little "tower room" a half stair up, and a huge wall of windows in the living room. All renovated to the highest standards, and completely to my tastes. But of course we weren't the only ones who wanted this, so the price quickly rose way above our budget. The asking price was ok, but when the bidding was up $ 150 000 the day after the viewing, well, we just had to wave good bye to this dream. But I wanted to share it with you here anyway!

I'm not giving up though, I've already found a few new apartments that we are going to look at next week!

Kitka's livingroom

The author's of the blog Kitka have the best sense of style I've seen in a long time, and if you want a part of it, you can just hop over to their shop Mjölk, full of modern Scandinavian and Japanese designs. For some strange reason, Scandinavian and Japanese style are very similar even though we live in opposite corners of the world . It's all about simplicity, light wood and natural materials, and often it's impossible to tell the two styles apart. I love them both!

This is the livingroom of Juli and John, the couple behind Kitka. It's located in Toronto, but it sure looks very Scandinavian to me! It's just the light that isn't quite the same...

Country kitchen

I'm not usually much for country style if it isn't mixed with edgier designs. But this is lovely!

Family friendly retro house

A three floors house full of kids, decorated with cool retro furniture and modern classics. See more over at Hus & Hem.


Introducing Nunc!

Hi all, I hope you are still out there! I'm so sorry for leaving you without posts last week, but my life was turned upside down and I had no possibilities to write here. Now I'm back in my home, and things should be quite sorted, so hopefully this week will be better here!

To start the week off I'd like to introduce my latest sponsor, a Swedish webshop called Nunc, which means Now! Nunc wants to help you decorate like you dress, according to your mood or the seasons, just however you feel right now! They love things with a story to tell, so you'll also find vintage items from the 50's, 60's and 70's in their shop, beside all the wonderful new pieces from a plethora of Scandinavian and international manufacturers.

One thing that definitely stands out in Nunc's webshop is the great pictures and styling, and below are some examples of that. Please take note all you other shop owners, because high quality pictures are the most important thing in a webshop! I love seeing the items in a home environment, together with other objects, it makes it so much easier to imagine what the products would look like in my own home.

Saturday Sweets

A bag full of bathroom candy is what I have for you this sunny Saturday, enjoy!

Ps. Joslyn over at Simple Lovely asked me to list my 10 favorite things in the world, and I had a lot of fun thinking about it and finding pics to illustrate my choices. I'm quite happy with the results, see it here!