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Stylist Katarina Grundströmer

There is a new star in the Swedish stylist scene, her name is Katarina Grundströmer. She is by no means a newbie in this business though, having worked as an interior stylist for many years all over Europe. Now she is back in her native Sweden, and as soon as I saw her home in an issue of Residence I knew she will soon be one of the big names here! Katarina doesn't have a homepage yet, but she writes about decorating and design for a site called trevlighelg.se, so if you want to know more about her style and read her thoughts on the latest trends you can click over there. It's in Swedish, but there is always google translate to help you.

I emailed Katarina and she sent me the pictures of her Stockholm apartment, and also told me her new homepage will be ready in a month or so, so hopefully I will be able to post some of her work here later!


  • lynn says:

    bigger images please. can barely see and appreciate these small photos!!

    2010-03-31 | 05:37:18
  • sue@solsticehome says:

    oh, I can't wait to see more of her style. Thanks for sharing

    2010-03-31 | 05:39:34
    URL: http://www.solsticehome.blogspot.com
  • Moa says:

    Åh, vilka fina foton! Verkligen inspirerande och fint.

    2010-03-31 | 08:42:40
    URL: http://www.moasblogg.blogspot.com
  • Caroline says:

    wouaou! I want this green vase!!

    2010-03-31 | 10:38:07
  • Jana says:

    It's all soooo white! o_O

    2010-03-31 | 10:46:48
    URL: http://accordingtojana.blogspot.com
  • Catrin / maikitten says:

    I want to live in this apartment!

    2010-03-31 | 15:46:36
    URL: http://maikitten.de
  • Hemmarikets Charlotte says:

    Kikar in och passar på att önska dig en alldeles underbar påsk!

    2010-03-31 | 18:42:37
    URL: http://hemmariket.blogg.se/
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Sorry, I don't have any bigger images. If i did i would have posted them...

    I'm happy the rest of you liked them though! :)

    2010-04-01 | 02:27:42
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Tingelings-Sofia says:

    Härliga bilder! Badrummet är helt fantastiskt!

    2010-04-01 | 10:46:26
    URL: http://tingelings.devote.se
  • Lisbeth says:

    Inspirerande foton

    2010-04-05 | 20:15:01
    URL: http://www.frackafatoljer.se
  • editor says:

    oh how wonderful.

    that first living room, those three storage bags, the whole thing...such talent.

    2010-04-05 | 20:35:29
    URL: http://upanddowntown.blogspot.com
  • Jenny says:

    var kommer det fina matbordet ifrån? Någon som vet?

    2010-05-10 | 11:35:15

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