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Saturday Sweets

Mixed treats.

Ps. I just signed up with Moop Bags to be my new sponsor. They won't be advertising until April, but don't miss their sale! It only lasts until tomorrow!



  • lilla a says:

    Underbara små kryp på sista bilden. Vet du vem som har gjort den?

    2010-03-06 | 20:06:49
    URL: http://lilla-a-design.blogspot.com/
  • Sannalinnea says:


    I like the way you make this blog. Love to read it.

    2010-03-06 | 20:53:06
    URL: http://viimeinenlohikaarme.blogspot.com
  • serena says:

    Just wanted to tell you that i'm a fan of your blog..."j'adore" as they say in french!

    2010-03-07 | 18:59:34
  • Martha says:

    I received a Moop bag from my mom on my birthday and I love it! A fantastic sponsor indeed.

    2010-03-07 | 20:41:18
    URL: http://marthaandtom.com
  • les fifoles says:

    I enjoy my visits to Emma's. A bientôt. Anne

    2010-03-08 | 13:42:54
    URL: http://lafifole.blogspot.com
  • Addy says:

    Like your blog & style very much.

    I´m interested in the white kitchen utensils with wooden handlebars on the picture above. Are those obtainable somewhere?


    Keep up the spirit!

    2010-03-09 | 21:49:55
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    @addy: Yes, you can buy them directly from the producer: http://www.frostprodukt.com/

    2010-03-10 | 12:05:23
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Design Squish says:

    I love the photo with the sink!

    2010-03-10 | 13:47:29
    URL: http://blog.designsquish.com

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