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Introducing Cosas!

I would like to introduce my latest sponsor, Swedish (but with shipping withing the EU) webshop Cosas! They have a big range of interior products in different styles, both modern and more traditional Scandinavian looks. The goal for Cosas is to offer a range of high quality that you won't find anywhere else, and many of the products are handmade here in Sweden. Cosas even have their own range of products they designed themselves. They also have a system of symbols to make it easier for you as a customer to make a good environmental choice while shopping. Find that system here!

Right now Cosas are having a spring clean-out, starting today! This week there is a 20% discount on selected products, next week is 30%, the week after that 40% and so on... The same offer also goes for all products by Plenty Design. The spring sale lasts all month, or as long as the stock lasts.

Cosas is also a real store and showroom here in Stockholm, located on Magnus Ladulåsgatan 33, and the opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 1 pm to 6 pm. In the shop you will find, not only the products from the webshop, but also a small range of furniture.


  • Martina says:

    Jag gillade verkligen dalahästarna! Tack för tipset...

    2010-03-02 | 09:19:43
    URL: http://inspirationer.blogg.se/
  • Tingelings-Sofia says:

    Vilken härlig sida. Den lägger jag bland favoriterna. Ser att de säljer House Doctor också. Me like.

    2010-03-02 | 10:10:26
    URL: http://tingelings.devote.se
  • Linda says:

    Kan jag alltså inte beställa den underbara byrån på den sista bilden på Cosas webbshop? Försökte kolla men hittar den inte...

    2010-03-08 | 21:18:35

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