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Inspiration for Spring from Boligmagasinet

I can't seem to get my old hotmail account up and running again, so I got myself a new address instead, emmasdesignblogg@gmail.com. So if you have emailed me in the last week and didn't get a reply, please send your message again, because I probably didn't get it the first time!

To perhaps lure Spring to get here faster I'm posting these pictures from Boligmagasinet! If that doesn't work, at least they could inspire you to clean, organize and add some nice dirty pastels to your home.



  • Frida H says:

    Wow, den mittersta bilden sparade jag ner i min inspirationsmapp direkt! Underbart med massor av förvaring i ett snyggt flöde!

    2010-03-24 | 19:30:07
    URL: http://livingdeluxe.blogg.se/
  • White Cabana says:

    Ah - those IKEA storage boxes pop up in so many spaces. I love them and have my share of them too! They do such a good job of making things look tidy.


    2010-03-25 | 12:57:24
    URL: http://whitecabana.wordpress.com
  • MH,Shin says:

    great photos..

    2010-03-29 | 10:49:21
    URL: http://pastel-works.blogspot.com

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