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I've written about Story Hotel a couple of times before here and here, but to be totally honest I had never been there myself. I decided it was time to change this, so this weekend when I celebrated my birthday we booked a table and brought the kids there for a nice meal. We couldn't choose from all the tempting dishes on the menu, so we just ordered all of their tapas and some starters to boost. The service was excellent, the food just as I expected, meaning it was fabulous, and of course the interiors were just perfect! I will definitely come back! As a little souvenir I got one of their teacups, which is made of nice thick porcelain with lots of irregularities, very charming! Now I am dying to try their rooms too. Perhaps they would like to give me a night there, just for writing so many nice words about them? ;)

In other news, I'm searching for someone to redesign my blog! It's been a year now since the last redesign, and I'm starting to think it looks a little bit too minimalistic. Also, I'm considering moving the blogg to it's own domain... If you feel like this would be a fun job for you, please email me (emmas dot blogg at hotmail dot com)! I can't offer you any money, but you would get your link and logo on the blog, and of course a mention in a blog post when I present the new design here!


  • Malin says:

    Hi Emma, strangly enough I've been staying at the Story Hotel for a couple of days and wrote about it yesterday in my blog! I totaly agree with you; it's fab. Am a fan of your blog and thought it was a charming coincidence. Cheers/Malin

    2010-03-03 | 02:01:15
    URL: http://mvhborstahusen.blogspot.com
  • nilla says:

    är inte muggen från agneta livijn?


    2010-03-03 | 12:30:39
  • Linnéa says:

    Fick du muggen eller kan man köpa dom där? I såna fall - vad kostar dom? Har sett dom vid ett annat tillfälle och blev kär i dom direkt.

    2010-03-03 | 20:38:01
    URL: http://finheter.blogg.se/
  • Señorita Puri says:

    I think you blog is perfect the way it is. I think a smaller banner above would be ok, and no ads beneath the posts. Oh, and having a domain name of its own is a really useful idea ;-)

    XO from Spain.

    BTW: I want that cup!!!!!!

    PS- i love the "comments picture" with a guy with a black eye LOL!

    2010-03-04 | 11:59:29
    URL: http://www.senoritapuri.com
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    @Nilla: Jo, muggen är gjord av Agneta Livijn, det har du helt rätt i.

    @Linnéa: Vi köpte den, men eftersom min pojkvän betalade notan vet jag inte vad den kostade.

    @Señorita Puri: I think the look of my blog is a bit too minimal and cold, I'd like to get a bit of a handmade, rustic feel to it. Not much, just a little hint. :) Also, change is nice! I look at my blog so many times a day I grow bored with the looks quite quickly...

    I have found a person who will do the redesign for me now, and I'm convinced it will be great!

    2010-03-04 | 13:24:26
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Johanna says:

    Ja, boka in en natt där! Jag bor alltid där då jag är i Sthlm. Supermysiga rum, rekommenderas varmt.

    2010-03-04 | 18:38:20
  • martha chalmers says:

    Oh, please don't loose the minimalistic feel of your site! It's current cool spare feel as well as your posts are like a big breath of fresh air when I enter your site.

    2010-03-06 | 16:34:28

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