Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Stylist Katarina Grundströmer

There is a new star in the Swedish stylist scene, her name is Katarina Grundströmer. She is by no means a newbie in this business though, having worked as an interior stylist for many years all over Europe. Now she is back in her native Sweden, and as soon as I saw her home in an issue of Residence I knew she will soon be one of the big names here! Katarina doesn't have a homepage yet, but she writes about decorating and design for a site called trevlighelg.se, so if you want to know more about her style and read her thoughts on the latest trends you can click over there. It's in Swedish, but there is always google translate to help you.

I emailed Katarina and she sent me the pictures of her Stockholm apartment, and also told me her new homepage will be ready in a month or so, so hopefully I will be able to post some of her work here later!

The home of Dorte Agergaard

Welcome to the home of Graphic Designer Dorte Agergaard! Pay special attention to the textiles, which are Dorte's own designs, with photographic prints of cityscapes, interiors and nature. I believe she has even made a print of her own view and window for her livingroom curtains, which makes it possible to have the same view regardless of your curtains being closed or open!

I saw a cover of a magazine that looked interesting in one of the pictures on the blog Nestled In, and asked Katja about it. It turned out the magazine was Finnish interior mag Deko, which Katja so kindly send me a link to. That is where I found these wonderful pictures!

Via Deko
Photographs by Morten Holtum

Happy Weekend!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I leave you with this picture from Family Living, as it pretty much shows what I'll be doing this weekend. I'll be spending my time between the kitchen and the couch, taking care of my youngest son who came down with a stomach flu today, and cooking for the rest of us. And there will definitely be some fresh tulips on the table, to cheer us all up!

White home in Charlottenlund

Some people say that white interiors are cold and sterile. Well, have a look at this home of Danish designer Nina Kejser and her Italian husband Mario Iadanza, and tell me that again? No, didn't think so. The couple have made a home for themselves in the small town of Charlottenlund just north of Copenhagen in a bright and delicately decorated flat with modern furniture.

Styling by Katrine Martensen-Larsen.

Photograph: Mikkel Adsbøl

As yellow as it gets

I've never been much for holiday decorating, and Easter is no exception. This is as yellow as it gets here!

Inspiration for Spring from Boligmagasinet

I can't seem to get my old hotmail account up and running again, so I got myself a new address instead, emmasdesignblogg@gmail.com. So if you have emailed me in the last week and didn't get a reply, please send your message again, because I probably didn't get it the first time!

To perhaps lure Spring to get here faster I'm posting these pictures from Boligmagasinet! If that doesn't work, at least they could inspire you to clean, organize and add some nice dirty pastels to your home.


Home office/studio inspiration

from boligliv

from boligmagasinet

from elle interiör

from hus & hem

by mikkel adsbøl

from sköna hem

Spring colors by Mikkel Adsbøl

Hi all! Sorry about the lack of updates here in the last week! I'm house-sitting at my mother-in-laws' house, and had big problems connecting to the net here, but now it's solved, thanks to a good friend who came all the way across town to help me. So now I am trying to get into the old blogging routine again, while stressing over the fact that my hotmail account seems to have given up on me, so I can't answer any of the emails I recieved during my week offline...

Winter still has a strong hold on us here in Sweden, it seems it's never giving up this year. But I found some pictures by Danish photographer Mikkel Adsbøl to at least get some Spring feeling here on the blog. Hot pink, yellow and orange teamed with lots of white makes for a fresh and clean start of the Spring season. Enjoy!

Styling 1 2 3

I like this series of pictures by stylist Tina Hellberg for Elle Interiör. It shows the process of styling, step by step, with more and more products added. For my home I probably would have stopped somewhere between the first and the second picture, and for a shoot by the third, but I think the fourth picture is very nice too! Where would you have stopped?

Multi rooms in RUM

Let's face it, most of us are a bit cramped for space in our homes, so usually the livingroom needs to have multiple functions, such as study, lounge and often dining room too. I found these multifunctional rooms in Danish RUM magazine.

Lerkenfeldt Photography

Studio Violet wallpaper

Remember the Friends of Violet poster from Studio Violet in my giveaway the other week? That same pattern has now been transformed into this great wallpaper, available from Studio Nommo.

Restaurang Bar

There is a new restaurant in town, called Restaurang Bar, run by the same prized cooks and gastronomic visionaries who started Lux, one of Stockholm's very best restaurants. Restaurang Bar's fish and seafood focused menu is in a much lower pricerange though, and the interiors are very minimalist industrial chic with a touch of Parisian bistro. White tiles, black spotlights and chairs and white and grey floors are matched with bare wood, a fifties dirty pastel hue of turqoise and stainless steel. I'm dying to go, it looks like it could be just my kind of place!


Saturday Sweets

Mixed treats.

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Photographer Pia Ulin

One of my favourite photographers is Pia Ulin, I always fall for her pictures when I see them in magazines. I wrote about her here in 2008, but I think it's time for a little update! She now has her own website where you can browse through her portfolio of interior, lifestyle and travel photos. I chose these for you!


Celebrations and new designs

I've written about Story Hotel a couple of times before here and here, but to be totally honest I had never been there myself. I decided it was time to change this, so this weekend when I celebrated my birthday we booked a table and brought the kids there for a nice meal. We couldn't choose from all the tempting dishes on the menu, so we just ordered all of their tapas and some starters to boost. The service was excellent, the food just as I expected, meaning it was fabulous, and of course the interiors were just perfect! I will definitely come back! As a little souvenir I got one of their teacups, which is made of nice thick porcelain with lots of irregularities, very charming! Now I am dying to try their rooms too. Perhaps they would like to give me a night there, just for writing so many nice words about them? ;)

In other news, I'm searching for someone to redesign my blog! It's been a year now since the last redesign, and I'm starting to think it looks a little bit too minimalistic. Also, I'm considering moving the blogg to it's own domain... If you feel like this would be a fun job for you, please email me (emmas dot blogg at hotmail dot com)! I can't offer you any money, but you would get your link and logo on the blog, and of course a mention in a blog post when I present the new design here!

Introducing Cosas!

I would like to introduce my latest sponsor, Swedish (but with shipping withing the EU) webshop Cosas! They have a big range of interior products in different styles, both modern and more traditional Scandinavian looks. The goal for Cosas is to offer a range of high quality that you won't find anywhere else, and many of the products are handmade here in Sweden. Cosas even have their own range of products they designed themselves. They also have a system of symbols to make it easier for you as a customer to make a good environmental choice while shopping. Find that system here!

Right now Cosas are having a spring clean-out, starting today! This week there is a 20% discount on selected products, next week is 30%, the week after that 40% and so on... The same offer also goes for all products by Plenty Design. The spring sale lasts all month, or as long as the stock lasts.

Cosas is also a real store and showroom here in Stockholm, located on Magnus Ladulåsgatan 33, and the opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 1 pm to 6 pm. In the shop you will find, not only the products from the webshop, but also a small range of furniture.