Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

A real and stylish home on a budget

What I like most about this home, featured in Hus & Hem, is that it actually looks achievable. It's all done on a budget, with most of the furniture either thrifted or diy:ed, but it oozes style!

Photography by Pernilla Hed


  • laura says:

    i love this, too! it's so unforced and real, but with great touches like that chandelier! i dieee for one.

    2010-06-08 | 02:56:08
    URL: http://clothesure.blogspot.com
  • kristina says:

    absolutely gorgeous. white seems to be the key to many interior issues - and in combination with wood and leather (that squishy sofa!) it's just perfect.

    i wish...

    2010-06-08 | 10:11:23
    URL: http://nopennyforthem.blogspot.com/
  • Anonym says:

    I love all things abt this interiors. Its like everything is carefully chosen so the overall effect exudes charm & style. Thanks for sharing.

    2010-06-08 | 11:56:50
  • Kena says:

    The carpet floor is NICE !

    all images are very interesting.




    2010-06-08 | 23:59:03
  • noemozica says:

    the kitchen is absolutely brilliant!!!!!

    2010-06-09 | 14:45:07
    URL: http://noemozica.wordpress.com/
  • Kate Wilson says:

    The frame collection looks wonderful, I really want to try that out!

    2010-06-09 | 15:37:24
    URL: http://www.little-doodles.blogspot.com
  • Camilla Maillet says:

    Great stuff Emma. You are a true inspiration!

    2010-06-09 | 15:59:34
  • Cassandra says:

    You pull together the best images!

    2010-06-09 | 17:02:02
    URL: http://www.havenworkroom.com
  • olga says:

    I love the kitchen and the sofas!

    So gorgeus

    Thanks for sharing

    2010-06-09 | 20:00:29
    URL: http://mescapricesbelges.blogspot.com/
  • Frida says:

    Superfina bilder.

    Läste reportaget i tidningen. Verkade vara två sköna typer som bodde där också.

    2010-06-09 | 20:10:01
    URL: http://www.trendenser.se
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    I think the key here is that they seem to have had a clear plan of what they wanted to achieve, and didn't just go out thrifting to come home with a messy mix of things (which always happens to me). They have a theme and have followed through on that!

    2010-06-09 | 22:52:43
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Edition Puppenkopf says:

    I love the different old frames on the wall - a friend of mine had use that style of hangig in an exhibition which looks great.

    You can find those frames very cheap on second hand markets here in germany ;O)

    2010-06-10 | 16:39:25
    URL: http://www.edition-puppenkopf.de
  • NORDISKA RUM says:

    Å så snyggt!! Taveluppsättningen är briljant!

    2010-06-14 | 15:08:07
    URL: http://nordiskarum.blogspot.com
  • Ida says:

    Jättefint! Fina kombinationer

    2010-06-16 | 19:56:55
    URL: http://www.konturdesign.se
  • Galit says:

    So perfect!!

    Love the chandelier in the kitchen, the gallery wall and the books on the self made shelf. Beautiful style and talent

    2010-06-19 | 16:32:34
    URL: http://slowlanenotes.blogspot.com
  • editor says:

    i love this so much that it hurts.

    2010-07-11 | 21:14:46
    URL: http://upanddowntown.blogspot.com

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