Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Stylist Gitte Kjær

Danish interior stylist Gitte Kjær's work is often featured in one of my favorite interior design mags; RUM. The shots styled by Gitte always stands out in the magazine and I could easily let her decorate my whole house! Her work has that special mix of industrial, raw and modern with vintage and natural wood that I love so much.


Home office, yes please!

Would someone please be so kind as to give me a home office like this? And take care of my children while I shut myself in there for a couple of months? For now, all I have is that wooden box standing on the table in this pic. And a laptop on the sofa table where I (try to) work, with all three kids around me. I'm sure I would answer all my emails  in time and get my blog posts up much quicker if I had this room!

Photo via Sköna Hem

Black and white in Jakobstad

I just saw the Hops-Shop newsletter in my inbox, and besides some shop news they sent pictures of this wonderful home in Jakobstad, Finland! See more on their blog.
I so want glossy white floors like that, but my boyfriend is "allergic" to anything painted white, so I'm not sure how we are going to solve that. On the other hand, who is the one with the good taste in our relationship? It's not him, that's for sure! So I think he'd better let me do the decorating decisions in our home, right?
That's it for now, I'm returning to my sunny garden for some afternoon fika with lemonade and banana bread!

Summer schedule

Hi all! I know posting has been a bit slower than usual here lately, and that is not at all what I had planned. I guess I just never learn that with summer vacation comes the "benefit" of my computer time shrunk to about zero. For some reason my children just don't think that the ideal summer day is spent with me in front of my laptop... So posting will probably continue to be rather sporadic here in the next two months. I hope you will bare with me. Or take a hint from my kids, get some sunshine on your face!

In other news, I just saw that there is a super great Stockholm Guide up on Design*Sponge today! It's really extensive, a huge list of the best places to eat, shop and do fun stuff in the city, and the selection is made by Joanna Swanson, an American Art Director living here in Stockholm. If you haven't heard about Joanna before, you really should check out her blog. It's called Simple Blueprint, and is all about fashion, art, photography, interiors, food and lots of other nice stuff.

While browsing Joanna's blog I found a link to the blog Ill seen, Ill said, where some photos from Joanna's own home were featured. I borrowed a few...

Happy Weekend!

My internet connection isn't collaborating this week, but I'm trying to sneak this post up while it isn't looking... Have a happy weekend everyone! I hope you feel a little happier by looking at this picture from my inspiration files, it's photographed by Daniel Hertzell, and I so want that photo above the couch! I'm thinking of having something similar printed from a shot from my boyfriend's favorite film, Mad Max 2. I'm thinking there must be lots of great dust pictures in that...

Ecole does it again

Here is another super minimalist space by French design firm Ecole. I wrote about them before when they had made this totally stunning staircase. This time it's a complete build-out of a 55m² apartment in the center of Paris. The project centers around a 1.6 x 3 m rotating door separating the living room from the bedroom.
I think the bedframe in the last pic looks really smart, and am thinking of building something similar for my sons after we move.

A real and stylish home on a budget

What I like most about this home, featured in Hus & Hem, is that it actually looks achievable. It's all done on a budget, with most of the furniture either thrifted or diy:ed, but it oozes style!

Photography by Pernilla Hed

Happy Weekend!

Go enjoy your weekend now everyone! I know I will! After almost a week of cleaning the house to get it to really shine for the real estate pictures, I definitely need and deserve some rest. I'm going to do absolutely nothing all weekend! Well, not really. I'm hoping for nice weather, so I can lay in the hammock reading a book I've longed to read for a long time now. I'll give you review next week, as I think it's something you are going to love too! I'm thinking of going to a picnic tomorrow too, and perhaps I'll have a cup of tea with a friend. So, not really nothing, but absolutely no work!

I'll leave you with these photos from Swedish paint manufacturer Alcro's new collection. The interior shots  looks like something from the Dutch deco magazine VT Wonen to me. Perhaps they have used the same stylist? The collection is called ad.10, and was developed together with trend guru Li Edelkoort. She was inspired by birds and their colours, and incorporated this with her expert knowledge in the coming trends. This is what Li says about colors in the year to come:

– An army of dark neutrals will revolutionize interior design, which will become abstract and minimalist like a Japanese stone garden.

The end of the individualistic era has come. We lean more on eachother, networking and cooperating. This important change in society will give us uniform hues inspired by doves flocking together in dark, gray environments. Green, blue and violet accents bring life to the base color. Concrete gray will be a key color in interior design.

Garden shots by Stellan Herner

In case anyone was wondering where I have been the last couple of days, I can tell you I was on my hands and knees, in the garden. Pulling weeds. And now I really need something to remind my of why I'm doing this, because with 3000 sqm of garden, let me tell you, there are A. Lot. Of. Weeds. I'm nowhere near finished yet. Actually, you can hardly see the difference.
So that is why I sat down to browse the portfolios of some of my favorite photographers to find some inspiring garden photos. And yay, I think I struck gold with the portfolio of Stellan Herner! These pics are exactly what I needed to find the energy to pull some more weeds! I hope you like them too!