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Just to show you that my brain hasn't been totally lost in rusty fleamarket finds and cute pastels, here is a post in my usual style! More graphic, black and white and with some design classics thrown into the mix. This is a summerhouse on Gotland, Sweden's largest island and a true summer paradise. Enjoy!

Via Sköna Hem, photo by Johan Carlsson


  • Avant-Gardenist says:

    Business as usual is good, very good.

    Love the garden room in the last photo and how it appears through the doorway of the second photo. And how its black windows repeat the graphic-ness of the Pia patterned chaise.

    2010-07-17 | 19:38:28
    URL: http://wreckorated.blogspot.com/
  • shannon fricke says:

    Fantastic shots.

    2010-07-18 | 12:38:27
    URL: http://www.shannonfricke.com
  • emily says:

    i don't think there has been 1 thing that you have posted which i did not love/wanted my house to look like!

    2010-07-18 | 15:21:42
    URL: http://www.epeaa.blogspot.com
  • Stacey says:

    I like how its serene yet vivid at the same time with the use of the black. I love how they are consistent in their design/decor, therefore successfully melding the outdoor and indoor spaces.

    2010-07-19 | 13:13:44
    URL: http://designaddictmom.blogspot.com/
  • cattie says:

    Ooohh, sooo homesick! I grew up on Gotland and since moving to the US 19 years ago, I have been lucky enough to be able to go home almost every summer. Not this one though... This house is gorgeous, even though it's not a traditional "Gotlandish" one. :-)

    2010-07-19 | 17:24:39
    URL: http://andmyktichensink.com
  • Mabel and Zora says:

    Love, love, love!!!

    2010-07-19 | 19:50:40
    URL: http://www,mabelandzora.com
  • julia says:

    beautiful, like your blog! :)

    2010-07-20 | 15:53:41
    URL: http://juliaanystrom.blogg.se/
  • Office Furniture UK says:

    Great designs. The blog provides modern designs of a home. the house is kind of dream of with all modern amenities. Kudos to then designer for such creativity.Loved the couches in second picture.

  • salry says:

    love 0_0

    2010-07-29 | 08:49:25
    URL: http://edggd.com

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