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Saturday Sweets

Are you ready for your weekly dose of yummie eye-candy? Here it is, enjoy!

Happy Weekend!

Have some fun this weekend, perhaps by making some of these DIY-projects from Dutch 101 Woonideeën!

7 years to perfection

Remember this post about interior stylist Katarina Grundströmer, where I wrote that I was sure we were going to see more of her soon? Well, here she is again, this time in Sköna Hem, featuring her summerhouse! When she bought the 1940's house in 2002 ago it was a small red house with a loo in the garden. Now it's a fully renovated white house with an extra 30 sqm, filled with inherited or self-designed furniture pieces, and looking great!

Saturday Sweets

Anyone fancy a little bag of hallways today? Here you go!
(Just move your cursor over the photo to see the source.)

Cool bathrooms from RUM

I really like the "none-bathroomness" of the top bathroom here. The owners decided to skip the usual tile-covered walls, and also used some furniture and decorations that are decidedly not meant for bathrooms, like a chandelier, a Corbusier leather lounge chair, the desk lamp, a vintage chair and a cotton rug. This gave them a bathroom just as stylish as the rest of their home. I always feel it's such a drag to have to skip your usual style when decorating your bathroom, but this proves that you really don't have to! Just use whatever items you have in your other rooms, they can work equally good in a bathroom.


This bathroom below is really nice too, and I think these white tiles and woodfronted tub is quite achievable, even on a budget.


Photographer Ditte Isager

Have you seen that Danish photographer Ditte Isager has a blog where she publishes a lot of her work? It's great, full of her beautiful photos! Some of the portrait shots really makes me want to see the full stories, the homes of celebrities  like Cecilie Manz, Vincent van Duysen and Kasper Salto sure looks interesting...

Back to normal

Just to show you that my brain hasn't been totally lost in rusty fleamarket finds and cute pastels, here is a post in my usual style! More graphic, black and white and with some design classics thrown into the mix. This is a summerhouse on Gotland, Sweden's largest island and a true summer paradise. Enjoy!

Via Sköna Hem, photo by Johan Carlsson

Fleamarket happiness!

This summerhouse in southern France was supposed to be kept minimal, but the owners blame the French fleamarkets for not letting that happen...


Via Sköna Hem, photo by Hans Blomquist

Blog tip: Trendey

While I'm being quiet, hop on over to this nice deco blog I found today! It's called Trendey, and is available in both English and Swedish. Behind it are two Swedish sisters who started blogging as a way to exchange ideas with eachother when they were both moving in to new homes.

Studio Ina & Matt

We are in the middle of a heatwave here in Sweden with temperatures around 33° C (91°F), which is very unusual for us Northern peeps, so everyone including me are totally overwhelmed by the heat, just laying around on beaches trying to cool off with whatever we can find. So there are lots of icecream, cold foot baths, wet towels and iced drinks going around! Sitting inside a house with no airconditioning isn't too appealing really, and having a hot laptop in your knee for more than a couple if minutes is just out of the question! So therefore, a very quick post today:

This is a home and studio designed by Ina & Matt, a Dutch designer duo with everything from interiors to visual identities on their plate.


Sorry for not telling you before I went, but I am on vacation. I got some concerned emails from readers thinking I had abandoned the blog completely, but noooo, you don't get rid of me that easy! I'll be back next week with some posts for you.
Meanwhile, have a look at this, this and this from the latest Elle Interiör.
Styling by Lo Bjurulf, photo by Stellan Herner for Elle Interiör