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No kitchen + last days for voting

Nope, I didn't win the kitchen in the moodboard contest. The girl who did win, Maja with the blog Cactusvit, really deserved it though, her moodboard was very well thought through and harmonious, and I wish her the best of luck building her new kitchen! I want to send a big thanks to all who voted for me, I wouldn't have had a chance without you! Now I atleast made it to the final 5, and that is pretty big to me!

But there is still one competition left, and that is the one for Stora Bloggpriset (=The Big Blog Award). It's a very big thing here in Sweden, and if you think this blog is the best Swedish design blog, I'd be very happy if you voted for me! Just click on the logo below, scroll down until you get to the "Design & Inredning" category, mark my blog and send it in. The last day to vote is tomorrow, January 22. Thanks!


  • sue@solsticehome says:

    Good Luck Emma..just voted for you. love this blog

    2010-01-22 | 06:19:08
    URL: http://www.solsticehome.blogspot.com
  • Martina says:

    Lycka till!!! :)

    2010-01-22 | 11:25:54
    URL: http://inspirationer.blogg.se/
  • Katrin Freitag says:

    Done. Voted for you. As your blog definitely IS the best Swedish design blog. I love it.

    I am nominated for "the poppies", an virtual awards ceremony, celebrating the Handmade Community, on Poppytalk. If you like my work you can vote for me, or just browse through the lists of nominations.


    Oh well, forget the list, just vote for Freitag Design! ;)

    Good luck to you!

    2010-01-22 | 16:35:21
    URL: http://katrinsblahblahblog.blogspot.com/
  • ximena orozco says:

    Hey Emma, I liked yours way better. :)

    Good Weekend and good luck in the new competition!

    2010-01-22 | 18:55:31
    URL: http://www.lachavadel202.blogspot.com
  • Maja/Cactusvit says:

    Jag tycker ni alla hade gjort kanonfina moodboards, verkligen, så juryn hade nog ingen lätt match i att välja ut en vinnare.

    Lycka till med stora bloggpriset! Ha det gott! /Maja

    2010-01-23 | 22:21:37
    URL: http://cactusvit.blogg.se/
  • Nathalie says:


    I think your blog is awsome, it's a great place to navegate in, always love the posts, they're really helpful and you'vo got the latest and best themes!!

    Hope you win!!!

    (just tell how to vote for you because i don't undestand the language .... help! _)

    2010-01-24 | 06:44:26
  • Anonym says:

    love it


    2010-01-25 | 05:49:51
    URL: http://stuffsonialoves.blogspot.com/
  • Etincelle says:

    So sorry you did not make it... I am checking out your blog too late to vote for the blog award, so I hope you will get this one even without my vote!!

    I like your blog because it is simple and personal, and filled with beautiful breathtaking and inspirational space. I don't really know many other swedish blogs, but I like your's!


    2010-01-25 | 16:21:53
    URL: http://etincellestudio.etsy.com

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