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Introducing my latest sponsor!

I would like to say welcome and thank you to my latest sponsor; Barnvänligt.nu, that would be Child-friendly in English. Barnvänligt is a webshop (shipping within the EU) brimful of stylish toys and interior products for kids, and I just had to place an order for myself when I browsed their shop! I can't wait for the things to arrive, and I'm sure they will give me the kick in the *ss that I need to decorate Lo's nursery! I ordered the owl lamp, Tam-Tam stool and the wood letters (and some more things I couldn't keep away from).


  • HELLO TIGER! says:

    Oh, jag gillar Tam-Tam-pallarna!

    2010-01-26 | 23:42:43
    URL: http://www.hellotiger.se
  • Manu Mitre says:

    Congrats! I love your blog and you deserve lots of good sponsors...

    I'm still starting my blogger career and hope that day comes soon for me too!

    2010-01-27 | 22:43:31
    URL: http://casadaidea.wordpress.com

    varför skriver du på engelska? :D

    2010-01-28 | 18:47:40
    URL: http://fotograbben.se
  • Anonym says:

    @Hello Tiger: Jag med! Jag har en röd sedan tidigare, eller det kan vara en kopia bara, men nu köpte jag en vit också. Och den är jättefin! :)

    @Manu Mitre: Good luck with your blogging, I'm sure your blog will be a success! But be patient, I've been blogging since 2005 to get here...

    @fotograbben: för att 85% av mina läsare inte är svenska, så de blir gladare om de fattar vad det står... :)

    2010-01-28 | 22:16:59
  • katie says:

    I found your blog on designsponge - you have chosen such stunning images to present aesthetic and tase, i will definately be visitin again! Is this where I can entire the raffle for the bedding you posted today? I'd love to have a new set of bedding...for someone who enjoys sleep and the simple pleasure of reading in bed...i could use an upgrade from what i've been using since i moved away from home (5 years ago!). Thanks!

    2010-02-16 | 22:55:41
  • Dori says:

    Hi Emma,

    I love your blog... :)

    I tried to buy one of those sweet owl lamp from Barnvanligt , but it seems like they don`t have them on their site.

    Have you got any idea where I could get one?

    is there other site maybe you saw they have?

    thanks a lot!


    2012-02-29 | 22:19:51

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