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I made it to the finals!

Thanks to all of you who voted for me in the kitchen moodboard contest! You took me to the finals! Now it's up to the judges to choose the winner. Let's hope they have the same taste as me...

Here are some pictures to continue the kitchen theme:

Pictures: Livingetc, Rum and Sköna Hem


  • Jodi Anderson says:

    I love these kitchens. They are nicely streamlined, yet have character.

    Best of luck to you!!!

    2010-01-19 | 04:25:25
    URL: http://www.jodianderson.com
  • simplygrove22 says:

    Congrats!! I voted for you!!

    2010-01-19 | 06:07:29
    URL: http://www.simplygrove.com
  • Marion says:

    Well done Emma!

    We cross our fingers!

    2010-01-19 | 08:37:12
    URL: http://mariondigs.blogspot.com/
  • karolinajonsson says:

    snygg blogg :D

    2010-01-19 | 10:11:13
    URL: http://jonssonfotograferar.blogg.se/
  • keiko says:

    Your blog has been my absolute favourite for a long time - thank you for the inspiration!

    2010-01-19 | 12:44:41
    URL: http://www.nordljus.co.uk/
  • deb schrodt says:

    Your blog is so inspirational and i just wanted to stop by and wish you luck. Well done!

    2010-01-19 | 14:31:57
    URL: http://www.pinkpigantiques.blogspot.com
  • Monika/eco-stylista says:

    Congrats! I hope you will win!

    2010-01-19 | 14:44:38
    URL: http://eco-stylista.blogspot.com
  • Ele says:

    I`m very happy for you and I really hope that you will win this contest! Also hope to see previus and after pics... :)

    P.S. I really love your blog.

    2010-01-19 | 16:43:26
    URL: http://seedisain.blogspot.com/
  • Ximena Orozco says:

    Hi there!

    I stumbled upon your blog this morning and absolutely loved it! I should have been born in Scandinavia somewhere! but I was born in Mexico hahahahahah! anyway, will keep on reading. Me too single mom with kids dedicated to the world of design, writing and designing.

    2010-01-19 | 17:19:28
    URL: http://www.lachavadel202.blogspot.com
  • Gitte. Eklund. Short says:

    Dear Emma,

    Well done, you deserve it! You got one of the best and most inspirational sites out there. Wish you all the best for the next round!

    Best wishes


    2010-01-21 | 20:47:15
    URL: http://www.eklund.vc.net.nz
  • Aggie Basander says:

    Stort Grattis!

    Din blogg är verkligen fin!

    2010-02-05 | 12:07:17
    URL: http://www.basanderlundin.se

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