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Dixie's Spring Collection 2010

One of the companies I really liked on Formex was Dixie. They are pretty big in Sweden, and they have salespoints in Norway and Finland as well, but I'm not sure how easily available they are in the rest of the world. Nevermind though if you can't get their products, I want to show you this because of the styling and photography! Sue, the products are very nice as well, but I'm sure you can find something similar where you live, to achieve the same look.
All photos by Nina Barne

Kitchen inspiration from Sköna Hem

In their latest issue, Sköna Hem has a kitchen special, highlighting the trends of 2010 and showing off some beautiful kitchens in real homes around the country. I choose my favorites here:

DecorMaison did it again!

Swedish wallpaper company DecorMaison has the best styled campaigns! Do you remember these wallpapered halfed trailers I posted back in August? Well, DecorMaison has just released a new collection, and this time they outdid themselves! The new collection, called WallKotyr, was inspired by Parisian haute couture, designer's sketches and fashion runways and consists of five panorama wallpapers and 40 different patterns.
Can you believe they made that white outfit below out of wallpaper? I love the big retro flower pattern, and the black dress panorama wallpaper in the top photo would look fabulous on my wardrobe door!

Introducing my latest sponsor!

I would like to say welcome and thank you to my latest sponsor; Barnvänligt.nu, that would be Child-friendly in English. Barnvänligt is a webshop (shipping within the EU) brimful of stylish toys and interior products for kids, and I just had to place an order for myself when I browsed their shop! I can't wait for the things to arrive, and I'm sure they will give me the kick in the *ss that I need to decorate Lo's nursery! I ordered the owl lamp, Tam-Tam stool and the wood letters (and some more things I couldn't keep away from).

Report from Formex 3

Yes, there were even more nice things on the Formex fair! Here are two more, but I have been saving some favorites for last, who will get their own posts soon.

Cozy lambskin throws, cushions and poufs from Shepherd

Cute posters, books, puzzles and bags from Littlephant


Report from the Formex Fair 2

Here are some of the goodies I found on Formex, please click over to the designers respective homepages for more info!

Love is in the air, textile pattern by Karin Mannerstål for Frösö Handtryck

Modern Folklore adhesive tile decor by Fuldesign

Dinner Stories CTC Cotton Cloth and Weft Porcelain Bowl by Chen Karlsson (Please read more about these on the homepage, the products have very interesting stories behind them)

Braid stackable chair, Elsa easy chair and Cubelight table lamp by Fagerström & Abrahamsson

Ester, Inga and Rolf candleholders by Freemover

Kyoto and Istanbul window panels by Josefine Wiel Fredén

Porcelain bird jars and piggybank Pinklady by Camilla Engdahl

Silicone coaster by KG Design

That was all for now, but I have more coming!

No kitchen + last days for voting

Nope, I didn't win the kitchen in the moodboard contest. The girl who did win, Maja with the blog Cactusvit, really deserved it though, her moodboard was very well thought through and harmonious, and I wish her the best of luck building her new kitchen! I want to send a big thanks to all who voted for me, I wouldn't have had a chance without you! Now I atleast made it to the final 5, and that is pretty big to me!

But there is still one competition left, and that is the one for Stora Bloggpriset (=The Big Blog Award). It's a very big thing here in Sweden, and if you think this blog is the best Swedish design blog, I'd be very happy if you voted for me! Just click on the logo below, scroll down until you get to the "Design & Inredning" category, mark my blog and send it in. The last day to vote is tomorrow, January 22. Thanks!

Report from the Formex Fair

Today was the opening of Formex Spring 2010, a big trade show for design, decorating and toys here in Stockholm. I was there, of course! I didn't make it through the whole fair area today because I had Lo with me and she didn't really enjoy all the impressions with stuff and people everywhere, so we took it kind of slow. But I plan on going back tomorrow! I have lots of news to share with you, but I'd like to start with showing you some pictures from the curated exhibitions and specially designed cafés. I always like these the best anyways...

These first four photos are from the Handmade exhibit created by designer Synnöve Mork together with K.H.V.C; The Swedish Arts and Craft Centre.

“The exhibition is based on things that have been made by hand. The focus is on the power of the hand, the physical and the beautiful. But it’s not just about beautiful things; there is also humour, folklore and colourfulness, such as crocheted messages and embroidered stories. The craftsmanship embodies both pleasure and attitude,” says Synnöve Mork.

The exhibition includes material such as birch-bark, woodchip, iron, glass, ceramics, textiles and wood; classic handicraft materials, but in a different context. Gossamer versus thick, twisted material; the roughly-hewn contrasting with the ornate.

These two pictures above are from the Creative Flow exhibition which is really the theme of the whole fair this year. I copied the whole text below from  the Formex site, because I think it is so inspiring and well written:

"We’re embracing the workrooms and studios of designers and creators – settings that get ideas moving and really fire the imagination. It could be industrial premises, converted shops or loft spaces, the gardener’s greenhouse, the author's den or the artist's studio.
It’s about exciting, inspiring spaces; places where people go to create. Or where creativity and living space merge. The kitchen table becomes a sewing corner; the living room a painter’s studio. Sketches, notes, collages lend atmosphere to the interior decor. Natural, raw surfaces blend with bright colours and high finish. Upmarket designer items live alongside unusual jumble-sale bargains.

Recycled classics meet innovation and revolutionary ideas. Shelves that are heavy with books. Tables strewn with decorative piles of coffee table books. Walls covered with frames. Artist paraphernalia such as brushes, cutting tools, frames, penknives, desk tidies, canvases are interesting product groups, as are gardening tools and products from industry.
The natural feeling is mixed with cast-offs; things that used to be thrown out are transformed into something new.

Textiles and patterns are important, particularly graphic and organic patterns.  Art has recently been given an increasing amount of attention in interior décor, both in terms of traditional paintings on the wall or perhaps a huge illustration direct on the wallpaper. Sculptures and purely decorative figurines are now reclaiming our homes. Individual, personal interior design has never been so important.

In the colour scheme, poppy primary colours meet muted natural colours. The feeling is sophisticated, but also very relaxed.  The keywords are: Inventiveness, Ground-breaking, Sustainability, Creative environments, Graphic patterns and shapes from nature, Glossy basic colours + mellow earth colours."

If you are all still with me, I'd like to finish by showing some photos from the different cafés that were built and designed especially for the fair this year. The first is the Young Design Lounge by designer Jarl Fernaeus. The second pic is from Buffet Urban Dining by designers Geir Oterkjaer and Maria Nordin. And the last two pics are from Café Popup designed by Saša Antiç and Lo Bjurulf.

All photos were taken from Formex press image gallery

Bright and child-friendly Stockholm apartment

With a bright white base this family home from Sköna Hem is warmed up by antique furniture and fun colorful art and toys placed in unexpected places and some oriental influences like rugs and lacquer boxes. It's a classic Stockholm flat, but the quirky details made me fall for it.



Stylist Jimmy Schönning for Åhléns

I met Jimmy Schönning last spring on a trip to Portugal, and found him to be a very fun, inspiring person to hang out with. He has such a positive and sparkly personality, always pointing out the beauty of the surroundings, you just can't be down when he is around! For the last months he's had a project with Swedish department store Åhléns, styling up themes to go with the seasons. Now he has done a wonderful Spring theme called Växtkraft (=growing power), full of plants, green details, fresh flower prints and natural materials such as wood, metal and leather. Do you like it? Does it give you ideas for what to fill your home with now that the holiday decor is gone?

Photos by Per-Magnus Persson

I made it to the finals!

Thanks to all of you who voted for me in the kitchen moodboard contest! You took me to the finals! Now it's up to the judges to choose the winner. Let's hope they have the same taste as me...

Here are some pictures to continue the kitchen theme:

Pictures: Livingetc, Rum and Sköna Hem

cool dining spaces

Today I found a whole bunch of cool dining spaces on RUM Interiør's site, and of course I wanted to share them with you!

C'mon everybody, vote now!

I just realized that today is the last day to vote in the moodboard competition, and I made it on to the top 10 list! So c'mon now everybody, if you haven't voted before, now is the time! Just click on the picture below, and then click on the stars below the moodboard to rate it. Done! It only takes 10 seconds, you don't have to register or anything, and I reeaaally need a new kitchen! I promise to give you horrible before-shots and lovely after-pictures if I win!

RIP Mac + Delfin & Postigo house

I know, it's been more quiet than usual here this week... But I have a really good excuse, I promise. My computer died! It got caught in the middle of a very heated discussion (read wild argument) between me and my boyfriend. He slammed his fist in the table to prove his point, but my beloved macbook happened to be resting right there. There was a loud crashing sound, and now the screen looks like modern art. And no, of course I hadn't done any backup, what do you take me for? A smart person? I'm hoping there is some easy way to connect the computer to another screen or perhaps another computer, because the hard-drive still works, and I don't want to give up on getting all the photos of my kids back just yet. So there I was, with that modern art computer screen, and no way of reaching any of you, and even worse, no way of reading and answering all my emails! Luckily my ex husband came to the rescue and lent me his spare macbook! So now I'm back online, and I really have to find some way of thanking him later, because I literally can't do anything without a computer! I can't work, or read blogs, or keep up with my friends on facebook, and how am I supposed to find any info without a computer? I can't even remember how I did it before the internet... (My boyfriend has promised to buy me a new computer, and he was just as crushed as the screen when he realized what had happened, so don't be mad at him, because I'm not!) But enough about that now.

In other news, I saw this totally amazing home on Yatzer today! It's called the Delfin & Postigo house, and it's crammed full of modern photography and art, and a whole bunch of iconic mid-century furniture. Still it is very airy and calm, with a neutral colour palette, white walls and soaring high ceilings. You will just have to see the photos for yourselves to really get it, so here they are. Enjoy!

Photos by Manolo Yllera

Stylist Stella Nicolaisen

Today I want to give you the link to interior stylist Stella Nicolaisen's portfolio and a peek at the photos I like best. I love the white painted carafe in the third picture, so much cooler than a plain glass one!


Ps. Remember this post, where I saw a vintage highchair I loved, and thought I'd have to search forever for one? Well, now I have one, just like the one in the pic! Someone was giving one away, for FREE on Blocket, the Swedish equivalent to Craig's list! Can you belive the luck?! Lo is still too small to sit in it, but in a month or so I hope she will be just as happy about it as I am.

Photographer Helén Pe

One big Swedish photographer that surprisingly haven't been blogged to death yet is Helén Pe. She takes stunning interior shots for the big magazines here, but is also a great food photographer. These are some of my faves from her portfolio. Enjoy!

Photographer Siren Lauvdal

One year ago I found my way to norwegian photographer Siren Lauvdal's portfolio (read that blog post here). Today I decided to go back and check if there was something new there. There was, and here it is!

I'm nominated for "Stora Bloggpriset"!

I've known for some weeks now, but had to promise not to go official until today, that I am nominated for a big Swedish blog award called Stora Bloggpriset! It feels great to get some acknowledgement for all the work I put in here, and I am honoured to be in the company of some other great Swedish design blogs like Husligheter, Design & Inredningsbloggen and Inspirera Mera!

If you want to help me win, you can vote here! (The design category is called Design & Inredning, it's at the bottom of the page, and you don't have to vote in all categories.) You can vote once a day until January 22, so I hope you don't mind if I remind you here once in a while...

Blog tips!

I am starting to realize that I might not be able to update this blog as often as I had hoped. There just aren't enough hours in the day! I want you to know that I'm trying very hard to find time for blogging, but then answering emails and comments comes second, and I might miss answering them. So if you asked me a question in the last months and I haven't replied, I'm really sorry. Please contact me again and I'll try even harder to get to it!

If you are a new reader you might be wondering why I'm so busy... You see I had my third child three months ago, and that combined with moving to a house that is in dire need of renovating and decorating, and also being located in the countryside which makes simply meeting a friend for coffee will turn into a full day event, well, time just disappears!

This is why I want to give you a little more reading by sending you off to some new to me blogs that I really like, and I think you will to. Enjoy!

First out is The Brick House, about renovating a midcentury house on a budget, finding the perfect Scandinavian vintage furniture to fill it with, and the adventures along the way.

Second is Grey, a Canadian blog about "beauty in all forms: fashion, architecture, interiors, products".

Last up today is Varpunen, a Finnish blog which I can't read without google translate, but the pictures totally make up for that!

This is her kid's room, see what I mean about the pics make it worth looking at without knowing a word of Finnish?

Photographer Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson

Norwegian writer and photographer Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson has a blog called Inspirational Spaces, and that is truly what it is! She takes pictures of her friends homes for Norwegian magazines Elle Interiør, Design Interiør and Maison, and some of them are posted on her blog as well, so hop on over there to be inspired!