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Photographer Warren Heath

I tried to find out a little about photographer Warren Heath, but he seems to be a very private man. In the "about" section on his site it just says "stills photographer"! I did some research and found that he works with an agency called Frank Features, run by stylists/writers Kerryn Fischer and Luanne Toms, two names that might be familiar to the ones of you who read Elle Decoration as their articles are often published there.
I found Warren Heath through an article in the latest issue of Swedish Elle Interiör, where he had shot some beautiful photos of a home in Cape Town, and wanted to see more of his work. Here is some of what I found (that kitchen in the top pic just makes my longing for spring even worse):


  • Åpent hus says:

    wow - these last two photographers take the most amazing pictures! thanks for sharing

    love, Open house

    2010-02-24 | 22:54:26
    URL: http://apenthus.blogspot.com
  • Anonym says:

    Ha! C'est bien ça! Vous êtes bel & bien revenue! :)

    2010-02-24 | 22:58:35
  • Frida says:

    Ah man blir ju alldeles lycklig av sådana bilder!

    2010-02-24 | 23:00:00
    URL: http://www.trendenser.se
  • pauline says:

    amazing pics! I specially like the one with the watch and the drawings on the wall

    2010-02-25 | 10:26:36
    URL: http://paulinespleasures.blogspot.com
  • Moa says:

    ÅÅ jag som precis skulle fråga om det sjukt fina gardintyget.. Någon som vet vart man kan hitta på det ?

    2010-02-25 | 13:19:11
  • lee says:

    nyyydelige bilder og styling:D

    2010-02-28 | 22:44:47
    URL: http://oslohome.blogspot.com
  • sofaMenthol says:

    pardon mais je n'ai pas signé le "Ha! C'est bien ça..."

    J'espère que E. se porte à merveille!

    2010-03-02 | 20:47:38
    URL: http://matelaspneumatic.canalblog.com
  • Lea says:

    Gardintyget är från Marimekko, kallas Kuusama.

    2010-03-22 | 19:04:07

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