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New paint collection by Jotun

I got an email from paint manufacturer Jotun presenting their latest collection Lady NOW 2010 and as I was reading it I knew it was spot on for this blog. Jotun were talking about two big trends right now which they chose to call Soft Minimalism and Industrial Simpleness, and they both pretty much summed up all that I am in to at the moment. Layers of white, lots of light, industrial lighting, rough and rustic, these are all words that were mentioned in the press release that went straight to my heart. Then when I saw the pictures, there was no return! The photos are styled by Kråkvik & D'Orazio, which I posted on just last week, and shot by the always brilliant Siren Lauvdal.
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  • Anna k. says:

    Snyggt! Jotuns färger är dessutom super, täcker allt!

    2010-02-15 | 20:14:51
    URL: http://lantligt.blogspot.com
  • Niki says:

    Simple perfection. I love it.

    2010-02-15 | 22:25:50
    URL: http://www.worldinapapercup.wordpress.com
  • Anna - Kulturelle says:

    Superfint! Jag funderar på var man kan hitta en snygg klädhäst att placera i min hall. Mitt problem är dock att min lägenhet är i 50-talsstil och det passar egentligen inte in rent stilmässigt... men till en framtida bostad kanske!

    2010-02-15 | 22:42:21
    URL: http://www.kulturelle.se
  • Cassandra says:

    Those are fantastic looking colours and really inspiring styling - the best i've seen for a long time.

    2010-02-16 | 08:56:56
    URL: http://havenworkroom.com
  • Allegro Interaktiv says:

    There is even an online version for your viewing pleasure:

  • hena tayeb says:

    i love all the white.. especially the chairs and the vases with the cracks in it

    2010-02-17 | 18:04:43
    URL: http://www.henatayeb.blogspot.com
  • Annelie says:

    Gillar stickade vaserna. Också den krasade vasen som står precis vid kanten av bordet. Som om den precis hade ramlat i golvet och just plockats upp.

    2010-02-18 | 22:05:32
    URL: http://natureasis.blogspot.com
  • Emily says:

    That last picture, of the vase... gorgeous. Really so inspiring, I keep coming back to look at it!

    2010-02-19 | 22:48:07
    URL: http://endlesslyelusive.blogspot.com
  • José Carrilho says:


    The elements remind me of the Classical Greece.

    Kind regards,


    2010-05-28 | 22:50:20
    URL: http://www.hushcolours.com
  • manuelomarg says:

    Beautiful! I really love it!

    2010-05-29 | 01:46:39
    URL: http://mybluesofa.com
  • Cecilia says:

    So inspiring!

    I specially love the table and the left side chair...does anyone know which brand are they? or where could I find them?...was love at first sight! :)

    2010-06-03 | 12:56:56
  • Elisabetta says:

    emma it is the name of my great-grandmother, a woman much fort. now is the name of ours atelier/laboratory. It compliments for your job, Elisabetta salutes

    2010-12-28 | 12:55:30
    URL: http://emmadecor.com

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