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Stylist Cia Wedin

Swedish design journalist and interior stylist Cia Wedin's work has been seen in Elle Interiör for several years now, but if you don't have access to the magazine, you can now visit her website where you can browse some of her work. Cia has also been published in RUM, international issues of Elle Decoration, Residence, Marie Claire Maison and Selvedge, and has worked with many of Sweden's top photographers like Stellan Herner, Anna Kern and Patric Johansson, so she is by no means a newbie in the area, it's just that she hasn't had very much of an online presence before, so hopefully I can show you some pics you haven't already seen before. Enjoy!

Photo: Anna Kern

Photo: Mathias Nero

Photo: Patric Johansson

Photo: Stellan Herner (left) and Anna Kern (right)



  • Hemmakatten says:

    Rasande snyggt!

    2010-12-13 | 11:10:08
    URL: http://hemmakatten.blogg.se/
  • erin says:

    i love the white with grays so beautiful

    2010-12-13 | 15:27:05
    URL: http://www.flyingfrenchtoast.blogspot.com/
  • Lisette says:


    Jag kontaktar dig för att jag finner din blogg mycket intressant och välorganiserad. Jag skulle väldigt gärna vilja komma i kontakt med dig angående ett eventuellt samarbete! Hör gärna av dig via mail så kan vi prata vidare.

    Med vänliga hälsningar,


    2010-12-13 | 20:13:57
  • vosgesparis says:

    I like the table in the first picture.. I always thought more as an office table of it... but I like what I see..

    2010-12-13 | 20:58:14
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • Anna says:

    Its a lovely, lovely blog!

    Perfekt for att dromma mig bort (hem?) och om mitt skandinavieninspirerade hus jag snart ska bygga nagonstans i varlden! Hittade den av en slump nar jag surfade runt och nu ar jag en frekvent besokare.


    Anna i Hanoi

    2010-12-14 | 15:13:38
    URL: http://www.annaihanoi.blogspot.com/
  • Cez says:

    Love the bedroom and the sit on the last pic!!!! so lovely blog!!!

    2010-12-14 | 23:18:28
    URL: http://mechantdesign.blogspot.com
  • Dirk Bettwäsche says:

    I just love this puristic design. It looks so light and easy, not crowding the place with too many details. Thanks for sharing.

    2010-12-15 | 17:26:21
    URL: http://www.diedaune.de/bettwaesche
  • Mariela says:

    Great work, beautiful design.

    2010-12-17 | 15:38:27
    URL: http://luvdecor.blogspot.com

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