Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Thank you!

I was so happy to read all the congratulations you sent me last week, thank you all! It's sweet to see how much you all really enjoy the posts!

Here are two shots from Norwegian stylists Kråkvik & D'Orazio, the couple who are house stylists over at Norwegian Elle Interiør. They style most of their articles, and always do a great job! I'm loving the super simple components in the top pics, and the perfect shade of pink on the wall in the lower photos, paired with natural wood and black.


  • laura says:

    that is a great wall color--one i'd never have thought of, too! i love that super big round clock chilling on the floor..and that comforter cover is great.

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    2010-08-17 | 00:06:35
    URL: http://clothesure.blogspot.com
  • Catharina Edlund says:

    Vilken inspirerande blogg du har...


    2010-08-17 | 13:26:19
    URL: http://catharinaedlund.blogspot.com
  • Christina says:

    Hej! I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog. I'm American, but old roommates/teammates are from Sweden (Stockholm and Vasteras). We played soccer together in Florida and we had about 6 Swedish girls on the team. I cannot wait to visit next summer. Thanks for the great inspiration (all the time)- puss puss!

    2010-08-26 | 21:58:00
    URL: http://6petals.blogspot.com

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