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Introducing Ferm Living!

Yes, my latest sponsors are the fabulous Ferm Living! I'm sure you have all heard about them before, this Danish company that started as a graphic design firm, then in 2006 they released a collection of graphic wallpaper, and success was a fact. Since then they have evolved to making more than just wallpaper and wallstickers, now you can accessorize your whole house with Ferm Living products. They make blankets, candle holders, napkins, bedlinen, cushions and even toys!

Ferm Living just came out with their new Autumn 2010 collection, and I love it! The colours are just right, and they have triangles on just about everything! I love triangles, it's one of very few patterns in my home. Triangles and stripes, that's my style. Here are a few of my favorites from the collection. Don't you just love the styling and photography too?


  • Ylva says:

    de där kuddarna med triangelmönster är ju helt underbara. Och träasken också...

    2010-08-31 | 19:08:57
    URL: http://darlingthings.blogspot.com
  • James says:

    Great inspiration and photos as always. So want that calendar for the wall of my new kitchen...

    2010-08-31 | 19:32:21
    URL: http://www.creativeglo.co.uk
  • kristina - no penny for them says:

    ah those colours! all my favourites in one go.

    love that huge sofa with cushions galore. wouldn't you just spend a whole day on it.

    2010-08-31 | 23:27:16
    URL: http://nopennyforthem.blogspot.com/
  • Olemkaa says:

    I love their cushions, but they are quite expensive.

    2010-09-01 | 08:26:53
    URL: http://fotobloo-eng.blogspot.com
  • Arturas says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love it!

    2010-09-01 | 08:28:15
  • Sofia-Tingelings says:

    Smart lösning med servettringarna. Mina trillar ut ur skåpet varje gång jag öppnar den. Och de har en underbar färgställning.

    2010-09-01 | 09:59:39
    URL: http://tingelings.devote.se
  • Catherine says:

    I am also a huge fan! The new collection is perfect to winter-proof your house!

    Soon we'll feature an exclusive profile of Trine Andersen, the creative mind behind Ferm Living! :-)

    2010-09-01 | 11:22:21
    URL: http://www.nordicdesign.ca
  • Olik says:

    I am also a fan! I did not know that they really had sale points all over the world!

    This summer we made a painting of all the butterflyes from the sticker collection in a baby room of a friend of mine, because we did not know that they had official points of sales in the Netherlands as well.... But now we know where to find them!

    The images that you posted are great as well. Very inspiering.

    Now I would like couple of those pillows!

    Thank you for the post!

    2010-09-01 | 12:45:16
    URL: http://okodesign.blogspot.com
  • malin says:

    Jättefin färgställning!

    2010-09-01 | 16:24:47
    URL: http://ilovepeggy.blogspot.com
  • Sheila says:

    Snygga grejer, wow jag dör! ;D

    DIn blogg är ju grym!

    Hoppas du får en fortsatt fin kväll :)

    2010-09-01 | 20:56:25
    URL: http://sheilastyle.blogg.se/
  • Casa e Cose says:

    Ah jag maste bara kopa manadswallstickern...sa snygg och sa bra for mig som ar sa o-organiserad! Super!

    2010-09-02 | 12:16:34
    URL: http://www.casaecose.com
  • Stacey says:

    I love Ferm! I actually have their wallpaper in my kitchen too. I just love their designs.

    2010-09-02 | 23:58:43
    URL: http://designaddictmom.blogspot.com/
  • Louise Roe says:

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    2011-04-12 | 13:54:49
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