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5 year blogoversary!

I just realized after writing yesterday's post that today is my 5th blogoversary! That insight gave me a massive writer's block. I mean, how do you top off five years of posting with 1367 posts? Five years is a looong time in blogland! I've been thinking all day, and finally came up with the idea to look through the archives and give you a little summary from each year that has passed. My tastes have changed drastically, so it was a hard job to find something from the first years that I felt was worth reposting now. Also, at one point I had to delete a bunch of pictures because my account was full. I believe there was a limit of 100 mb or something like that. Space on the internet was rather limited at that time...
However, I think it's kind of fun to see how much my style has developed, so I'm going to make one post on every year, to let you too see what has happened since it all began...

Let's start with 2005, shall we?

Lighting from West Elm was on my wishlist

And I liked this strange seating device from Futura Emporium


  • lina says:

    Det börjar lovande. Jag minns det där sittkudden!

    2010-08-10 | 22:30:59
  • Liv says:

    Happy Blogoversary! 5 years is epic in the blogosphere! Looking forward to seeing your next flashback posts!

    2010-08-10 | 22:34:58
    URL: http://idlefascination.blogspot.com/
  • Pethra says:

    Grattis! Den där sittkudden gillade jag också. Och gör fortfarande! :)

    2010-08-10 | 22:53:08

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