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5 year blogoversary! Part 3, 2007

In 2007 I did some short interviews (find them all here) with people I admired, like Holly from Decor8, Lena Corwin, Louise Campbell and Lotta Jansdotter. That was a lot of fun, and in hindsight I can't understand that some of them actually participated! Mind you, this blog was still tiny by then, with just a couple of thousand readers every month. And I don't think I had actually understood quite how big it is to get an interview with a huge name...

2007 was also the year I went to a graduation show and first saw my dream kitchen which later came into production at Marbodal. It's called Gallery and was designed by the girls from WIS Design, a design studio which is among the biggest in Sweden by now. I have written about this kitchen so many times now I actually think I deserve to get it as a thank you gift from the manufacturer...


Other things I liked that year:

Wallpaper from Ferm Living (I think?)

Textiles from Mrs. Me

I was still into retro wallpaper, these pics are from Danish stylist Andrea Larsson

Mary-Ann Williams felt items for her own company Illu Stration

I found Elisabeth Dunker! I am still so impressed with her, she does so much so beautifully!



  • Susan says:

    I believe the wallpaper with the branches and birds is Cavern's Blackbird wallpaper. If it's from Ferm Living, I don't think the make it any longer.

    2010-08-11 | 03:41:20
  • Lina says:

    fortfarande mitt drömkök också. en dag så!

    2010-08-11 | 10:37:49
  • elke says:

    I so love that kitchen ! You posted about a similar one recently as well but this one is even better - I think I found my dream kitchen as well !!!

    2010-08-11 | 11:41:25
  • E. says:

    Tack för all inspiration under de här åren Emma!

    Och tusen extra tack för de snälla orden, verkligen :)

    2010-08-11 | 12:52:16
    URL: http://finelittleday.blogspot.com/
  • A. says:

    beautiful kitchen!

    2010-08-11 | 18:38:46
    URL: http://designtoinspire.blox.pl
  • Guido says:

    Stylish kitchen, and really cool wallpaper in the third picture :)

    2010-09-27 | 07:17:43
    URL: http://ezarchitecture.com/blog.com

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