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Introducing Moop

Today I would like to introduce my latest sponsor, Moop! This is a company that has been around in the blogosphere for as long as I can remember, but to me they still feel very trendy and fresh, and I still covet their bags.
They would make great diaper bags because of all the practical details, like a mass of pockets and waterproof fabrics, and they are definitely stylish enough to use long after my daughter has outgrown that need. I know! Our daughter is 6 months old and we still havent got a diaper bag! It's an outrage, right?! We definitely need one, it's just that we haven't found the perfect one yet. But maybe this is it?
Enough about diapers! The Moop bags are excellent for laptops, iPods, keys, workout clothes and makeup or anything else you want to fit in there too!

All of Moop's bags are handmade in their studio in Pittsburgh, to the highest quality standards, and there is a blog you can check out to see what is going on there and in the lives of the owners of Moop.

If you want a Moop bag, you can buy from their own site, or on Etsy or Supermarket.


  • editor says:

    It's funny - I covet, and enjoy my own leather bags allllll fall and winter, but as soon as the temperature rises, I don't want anything but canvas.

    2010-04-13 | 01:31:07
    URL: http://upanddowntown.blogspot.com
  • noi that says:

    I covet, and enjoy my own leather bags allllll fall and winter,

    2010-04-13 | 06:49:29
    URL: http://noithatonline.com.vn
  • Esther says:

    real classic; i like their market bags :)

    2010-04-13 | 07:41:31
    URL: http://cloudships.blogspot.com
  • YHBHS says:

    your blog is incredible~!

  • Not a lawyer, just work for them says:

    I love Moop bags - I guess you could call me a crazed fan. The Market Tote is an awesome diaper bag - especially in the winter when you need to carry scarves, mittens, and a thermos of milk. The tote is my current work bag - fits just what I need and doesn't fall off my shoulder constantly. The Letter Tote is perfect if you are forced to carry around a laptop all the time. The bags are NOT cheap - some are more expensive than my leather bags - but they do last longer than other Etsy bags (learned this the hard way) and are far more organized than most Etsy-type handcrafted bags. If you are on the fence, just get one. You won't regret it!

    2010-04-13 | 17:10:27

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