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Excessing in homestyling

There are a few real estate agents in Sweden specialized in selling extremely styled properties. Not necessarily luxury homes, but staged and propped to look absolutely great. I love browsing these sites, lika Alvhem and Lagerlings, and now my latest find, Bolaget.
Bolaget only works with homes in Malmö, Sweden's third biggest city, a town not famous for being stylish but more for being a melting pot of different cultures, and having the highest crime rate in the country. However, there seems to be some style in Malmö too! All pictures below are from the same apartment, but there are many many more on the site.

I'm curious, do you have estate agents like this in your country too? It would be fun to see what good homestyling looks like in for example The Netherlands, UK, France or Australia!


  • thisismycat says:


    Stadshem in Gothenburg is also good, sometimes.

    However I feel a bit worried that it sounds like Malmö, as a result of being a melting pot of cultures it lacks style. But I guess that's not what you meant.

    2010-04-19 | 17:23:13
    URL: http://thisismycat.blogspot.com
  • Helena says:

    I have the site Alvhem in my "favourites" and so I can have a general idea how the appartments are in Sweden. I like them very much but there is a thing I find a little bit strange/cute: why the bedroom always opens (have a door) directly to the living room ? In my country (Portugal) the bedrooms stay generally in the opposite part of house in what concerns to the living room.

    2010-04-19 | 18:40:28
  • hill_ok says:

    thanks for new links, I often browse through Alvhem just for inspiration, so I look forward to checking this out. I live in Norway and was home hunting not long ago, but haven't stopped looking at property ads..We don't really have agencies specialized in property styling (that I know of), but many offer this as a premium service. Usually the more expensive properties are the ones that get styled, though most of them already look pretty good.. As for the rest, the styling is often done pretty unprofessionally.. for a while we had a joke about the "finn.no-kua".. the cow carpet at basically all "styled" properties (at finn.no that is one of the largest online registries for property ads).

    2010-04-19 | 18:45:53
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    @thisismycat: thanks for the link, i'll check that out! and of course i didn't mean that. :) i was a bit stressed when i wrote the post...

    @helena: looking at alvhem doesn't really give a fair picture of how swedish homes look. we don't all live in homes that goodlooking. ;)

    but it's true that in older buildings here the bedroom is often next to the livingroom. That is only true for apartments though, houses have another layout, more like what you are used to.

    @hill_ok: haha, i know that joke! me and some friends had a game going for a while, where we tried to spot the same things in different houses.

    2010-04-19 | 19:59:43
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Zoe says:

    Take a look at www.axpe.com.br (houses of Brazil)

    2010-04-19 | 20:39:09
  • Anonym says:

    I believe that a lot of the older apartments have been bigger when they first was built. What today often is a bedroom in older apartments could earlier have been a diningroom/library. Often the apartments have been bigger from the start and then been split up in smaller units and that´s when the rooms next to the livingroom started to be used as bedrooms. Not appliable for all apartments though..

    2010-04-19 | 21:24:00
  • Ewelina says:

    If your countries of interest are not limited to the ones you mention :o) then take a look at this handful of interior designs in Poland: http://www.ipnotic.pl/


    This one's really inspiring: http://justyna-smolec.com/index.php?page=galeria2

    I love this funky yellow interior - http://www.olawolczyk.pl/pl/domy_i_mieszkania?catId=153

    What do you say? :)

    2010-04-19 | 23:02:31
    URL: http://www.ereszke.wordpress.com
  • citizen of Malmö says:

    Not stylish in Malmö? Well to be honest I think the style of Malmö is far more interesting than the one in Stockholm! Much more creative and every apartmnet does not look the same ;-)

    2010-04-20 | 11:44:45
  • Anna says:

    Just come across this here: http://www.beachstudios.co.uk/

    Kind regards, Anna

    2010-04-20 | 13:00:50
  • Mia says:

    Vilket rasistiskt uttalande Emma. Länka samman mångfald och kriminalitet. Jag bor i lilla men ack så elitistiska Lund och jag är djupt imponerad av det intergreringsjobb som Malmö stad gör. Det finns mycket problem med rasism och intolerans men här lär man sig sakta men säkert att leva tillsammans och det finns ett otroligt rikt utbud vad gäller varor och kultur. Om några årtionden kommer folk leva väl här medan de norröver fortfarande har dold strukturell rasism för de har ännu inte ens adresserat frågan.

    Du som är en av mina favoritbloggare, fy vad du gjorde mig besviken nu.

    2010-04-20 | 13:02:53
  • Cookie Cutter says:

    Hmm... we don't really have such services here in Singapore. Most real estate agents focus only on the sale of the property per se. Most condominiums come with basic furnishings though, which could be positive or negative, depending if one is a creative individual or not.

    2010-04-21 | 05:45:14
    URL: http://thecookiecutterblog.blogspot.com
  • Fotograf Maria Glawe says:

    Nice pictures! :)

    2010-04-21 | 11:48:58
    URL: http://www.glawe.se/blogg
  • Ewelina says:

    I've just found some really nice luxurious appartments in Warsaw that are sold fully equipped:

    - http://luksusowemieszkania.com/apartment-czteropokojowy-for-sale-sztormowa-warszawa-mokotow,281247

    - http://www.magnoliapolska.pl/ang/galeria.html

    Cheers! :)

    2010-04-21 | 13:54:53
    URL: http://www.ereszke.wordpress.com
  • jokemijn says:

    wauw!! i never knew people actually did this for a job! It's beautiful.

    2010-04-21 | 14:13:51
    URL: http://jokemijn.blogspot.com
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Alltså såhär: Jag hade bråttom när jag skrev, och skrev om den kulturella mixen och den höga kriminaliteten i samma mening, utan att mena att de för den skull hade ett samband. Men faktum är att de båda sakerna är vad Malmö är känt för. Malmö är inte känt för design och stil, även om det såklart finns sådant där också. :)

    2010-04-21 | 14:17:23
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Wow, thanks for the links everyone! Some truly stylish spaces there...

    2010-04-21 | 19:33:59
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Jenny says:

    Emma, om du hade lite koll så skulle du veta att det är i stockholm flest anmälda brott begås. Synd på så rara ärtor

    2010-04-22 | 12:25:21
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Okej, ska vi ta det här en gång för alla då...

    Självklart begås det fler brott i Stockholm, eftersom det är där det bor flest människor.

    Genomsnittet för Sveriges alla kommuner är 10436 brott per 100.000 kommuninvånare, motsvarande siffra för Malmö är 21382 anmälda brott och för Stockholm 22647. Ganska likvärdigt alltså.

    Det var hursomhelst inte det jag ville säga med mitt inlägg, utan jag ville säga att det var kul att se snygga grejer från Malmö, som ju mest får negativ uppmärksamhet annars. Synd att det missförstods.

    2010-04-22 | 15:27:38
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • cath says:

    We have not this kind of real estate agency in France, unfortunatly french people doesn't think that to have a nice interior is necessary to sell! But you can see some interesting photographies of interiors at this adress


    this is an agency specialised in renting houses and apartments for movies.

    thank you for the links in Sweden. Real estate in North Europa is really the best!

    2010-04-22 | 17:14:34
  • Fernanda van der Laan says:

    Hi Emma!

    Very nice blog! In Brazil we have www.axpe.com.br Its webiste is also in English and French besides Portuguese. I am living in Maryland (20 minutes frm Washignton DC) but if you need hints about Brazil, let me know. I started my own blog last week and would love to have your comments and suggestions! Cheers, Fernanda

    2010-04-29 | 17:19:29
    URL: http://www.fernandavanderlaan.com
  • cath says:

    looking for nice photos as Alvhem, I have found yersterday this sweedish real estate agency


    I'm pleased to give you this interesting link

    2010-04-30 | 09:51:09
  • Valéria says:

    See axpe.com.br. It shows real estate in Sao Paulo - Brasil

    2010-04-30 | 22:27:47
  • Charlotte says:

    Har du varit i Malmö?

    Jag bor här sedan 4 år och känner verkligen inte igen mig i din beskrivning! Förutom att ditt uttalande var fördomsfullt så har du inte heller rätt i sak - och det skulle du märka om du besökte staden! Det finns mycket design här nere! Dessutom ligger Köpenhamn 2o minuter bort vilket påverkar staden ännu mer. Och ja, jag bodde 35 år i Stockholm innan jag flyttade hit så jag kan jämföra städerna rättvist!

    2010-05-05 | 06:06:19
  • Chantal {luxxury livving} says:

    I think this is such a fabulous idea and they do an AMAZING job!

    2010-05-05 | 23:24:11
    URL: http://luxxurylivving.com

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