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Ok, so I'll try to please everyone with this post and see if I succeed. There is the muted color range and design classics you are used to seeing here, but also lots of little vignettes and a quite bohemian feel to it all. What do you think, hit or miss?

This home belongs to Uffe Buchard, one of the driving spirits behind Copenhagen Fashion Week and editor at Danish magazine Dansk. And I had to make an exception here. I never post interior shots with people in them. But look at this guy! I couldn't not post it, right?


  • marie says:

    Lovely! Serene, a disciplined palette and lightness of touch.

    2010-04-14 | 02:58:22
  • lou says:

    oh, he's hot! i'd be a tad sad if he was not straight. but just a tad.. :)

    2010-04-14 | 03:07:33
    URL: http://lounatik.wordpress.com
  • editor says:

    he looks just like his home - he's got the simple shades of black and grey, with white and earth tones. i like it.

    2010-04-14 | 04:41:51
    URL: http://upanddowntown.blogspot.com
  • Esther says:

    definite hit (guy & home)! :P love the subtle, unique additions like the huge bouquet of flowers on the table & that japanese-looking ceiling lamp

    2010-04-14 | 07:31:47
    URL: http://cloudships.blogspot.com
  • MiaDK says:

    Uffe Buchard - a well known Dane in our media - is openly gay. As most hot guys seems to be... :-)

    Extra bonus info: The reason for the low ceilings is that he lives in one of the oldest parts of central Copenhagen - a superhot place, too.

    2010-04-14 | 07:45:38
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Mia, I kind of knew he was gay, but he is still very nice to look at. :) Love his outfit (and the rest too)!

    2010-04-14 | 08:11:13
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Malin says:

    Really a hit! All of it!

    2010-04-14 | 08:23:49
  • charlotte says:

    very stylish. i love the sparsely filled open shelves, and those blonde floors! perfect.

    2010-04-14 | 10:35:40
    URL: http://www.sprinky.blogspot.com
  • Olga says:

    Definite hit! And while I'm de-lurking, let me also say that your posts are probably the most starred, shared, and liked on my Reader. Thank you!

    2010-04-14 | 11:21:04
    URL: http://theobvious.wordpress.com
  • Joli says:

    aawww love the combination of grey and beige. definitely hit!!!!

    2010-04-14 | 15:46:46
  • Leanne says:

    Love it! Perfect combination, you've hit the mark. He's very stylish as well-- I'd even wear his outfit! :D

    2010-04-14 | 17:54:05
    URL: http://illustratedobscurity.blogspot.com/
  • vivian hoebe says:

    great photo's, love the home.. and i think i have to move to denmark :)

    2010-04-14 | 22:57:37
    URL: http://lepetitbirdtoldme.blogspot.com/
  • Cecilia says:

    Who cares about the flat:)?

    2010-04-15 | 15:50:42
  • Paulette says:

    I love this home -- gorgeous. Any idea what brand/name that grey color is on the wall. I'm in total love with it!

    2010-04-16 | 02:38:58
    URL: http://www.thehomebeete.com
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Thanks everyone, I'm so happy you liked the post! And yeah Leanne, I'd definitely wear his outfit too!

    Paulette, sorry, no idea what paint he used for the walls, the article doesn't say.

    2010-04-16 | 09:04:54
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • T says:

    Many readers af the Danish magazine, where the pictures are from, have asked about this kind of grey color. It´s a grey with some blue in, and the scaletone(light to darker) in NCS-colors is:

    NCS S 2010-R80B

    NCS S 3010-R70B

    NCS S 4010-R70B

    NCS S 6010-R70B

    Best regards from a Danish decoration blogger :-)

    2010-04-18 | 14:59:55
    URL: http://bungalow5.wordpress.com/
  • *SNYdesign says:

    I LOOOOOOVE this home!!!All-time favourite!

    2010-04-19 | 20:02:19
    URL: http://snydesign.blogspot.com
  • April & May says:

    Love all your posts, thanks for sharing all this beauty!

    2010-04-21 | 14:36:57
    URL: http://aprilandmaystudio.blogspot.com
  • Kate says:

    Slightly off subject, but does anyone recognise the dining chairs? Who the designer is? I think they're fabulous.

    2010-04-28 | 12:47:07
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    T, thank you so much for that information! It's really sweet of you to share it here!

    Kate, which chairs do you mean? I see no less than three different chairs, so please specify which set you mean and perhaps I can help! :)

    2010-04-28 | 22:03:28
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Kate says:

    Apologies and thanks. I meant the brown leather dining chairs on the chrome central pedastal. All educated guesses welcome..

    2010-04-30 | 11:58:53
  • Tanneke says:

    They mixed some furniture with nice simple lines, and some wonderful mid-century modern pieces. Mixing nice materials and wonderful grey and black color palette. Simply inspiring! Thanks for posting!

    2010-05-04 | 22:27:11
    URL: http://www.wannekes.nl
  • Stacey says:

    The first thing I thought was that guy is hot:-), then I checked out the interior which I think is just as devine as the guy!!

    2010-05-09 | 17:44:37
    URL: http://designaddictmom.blogspot.com/

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