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Brilliantness from The Selby

As always, The Selby has some of the coolest interiors.


  • Melanie says:

    Hihihi, great !!! I have the same "Terminator" in my toilets !!! It's a good idea to block a door. Thanks to you I discovered "The Selby", I love this concept.

    2009-09-02 | 10:47:13
    URL: http://www.mochcomtout.com
  • linda says:

    Ah, I like it! The skull, fantastic humour!

    2009-09-03 | 21:23:10
    URL: http://www.norskstil.blogspot.com
  • Marisa says:

    Vilken cool dödskalle :D

    Haft en bra dag?

    2009-09-09 | 19:23:37
    URL: http://twork.blogg.se/
  • dr.lowem says:

    i'd love to have a terminator skull doorstopper too! :) perfect for my humble abode...

    2009-09-11 | 05:02:08
    URL: http://funkyjazz.blogspot.com
  • Julia's mama says:

    Does anybody know the source of floor lamp? I fell in love w/ it.

    2009-09-11 | 19:50:45
  • Down Comforter says:

    Love the plants. We got some like these (only smaller) at the market last weekend.

    2009-09-12 | 03:21:53
    URL: http://www.shopdownlite.com
  • Platform says:

    I completely agree! Did you see the Lanvin Homme interiors?

    2009-09-16 | 20:30:03
    URL: http://www.platformmag.net
  • rdekko says:

    OH! how lovely is your posts? I really love them, especially the photos!

    His from a Greek blogger!

    2009-09-19 | 21:21:12
    URL: http://www.rdekko.com

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