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Some time ago I got an offer from Beckers, a Swedish paint company, to use their paint for any project in my home, in exchange for blogging it here. Of course I said yes, since we are trying to renovate the entire upstairs on a very limited budget! I chose to paint our bedroom. This room used to belong to my boyfriend's brother, with whom we share the house, but now he's moved down to the basement because of the new baby coming. So we are taking his old room, my older sons are getting our old bedroom, and the old guestroom which my sons are currently using will be turned into a nursery for the new baby. A complete turmoil in other words!

The room looked horrible when he left it. The walls were very dirty and with hundreds of tiny holes everywhere, probably from the previous owner's daughter. Perhaps she collected postcards or something, and tacked them all to the walls at random... The wood trimmings were yellow, and probably not painted since the house was built in the fifties. Here are the awful before photos:

See? Horrible! It wasn't a room I wanted to live in. So we started to work, and now it's so much nicer! It's still not done, all the decorating is still left to do. You know, the lighting, art on the walls, bedside tables, shelving and so on... But I really like it, so far! Here are some after photos, please tell me what you think!

The white is a hue called Ada, and the warm light grey behind and above the bed is called Yvonne. I really have to recommend Beckers paints, they were so easy to work with, and great coverage!

Instead of a traditional pegboard or clotheshanger I came up with this. It's a just a raw wooden plank, painted in matte black, with some sturdy nails in it. We used the same black paint for the legs of the bed, which you can't see in these pictures, but it looks great.

For now, the baby's crib stands in our room, and will continue to do so in the next few months. That's why we can't finish the bedroom right now, because our bed is going to be moved later, so we can't put the lighting up on the wall above it, nor the headboard. (The quilt in the crib was a gift from my mother in law. She made it especially for Elvis. We got the lace bedlinen from her as well, it's the same sheets my boyfriend used to sleep in as a baby.)

Thanks Beckers for helping me transform this room!


  • christina says:

    Fint! Kram C

    2009-10-02 | 21:49:04
    URL: http://thefamilysajt.blogspot.com/
  • AprillAprill Johanna says:

    Wow, ser jättefint ut, det är inte klokt vad färg kan göra. Vi ska snart flytta in i ett hus från 1925 där det finns mycket att göra. Men man vill liksom inte reovera bort det gamla, snarare renovera fram det under klickgolv och strukturtapeter..Längtar efter att få måla, måla, måla..

    2009-10-02 | 22:40:55
    URL: http://aprillaprill.blogg.se/
  • liza says:

    I think the transformation is amazing. What a lot of work! I love that soft grey, and the simple nail board is brilliant. It looks almost Shaker to me. Thank you for sharing pictures! (and the quilt is so sweet)

  • Lise M. says:

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    I hope you'll accept this award and pass it on.

    Have a lovely day!

    Lise M.

    Urban Style Vibes*

    2009-10-03 | 09:06:01
    URL: http://www.urbanstylevibes.com
  • ktrn says:

    That is such a sweet makeover!

    I love the idea with the wooden plank, it's fantastic!

    2009-10-03 | 10:20:52
    URL: http://ourhouseinzingem.wordpress.com
  • Lau de Casalil says:

    Gratis Emma!

    I really enjoy these kind of challenges, you do it well! and the wooden piece on the wall remains me art&craft home decoration spirit, it's great!! HAve nice tim with bb from now !! and thanks for sharing such beautiful inspirations!! LdC

    2009-10-03 | 14:32:13
    URL: http://casalil.blogs.marieclairemaison.com
  • Vivi says:

    Congratulations! It looks really nice.

    I haven´t really grasped the fact that I´m going to be a Grandmother (next week???)and I´m longing for the BABY to arrive! He will get some fun softies soon...

    Granny Vivi

    2009-10-03 | 15:52:28
  • Megan says:

    I recently stumbled upon your blog, and I LOVE it! I live in the US, and I have grand plans to move to Sweden one day, and I just love the style and creativity you share through your blog.

    And I HAD to comment, because I LOVE the color scheme of your new room. Yellow and gray are my favorites :)

    2009-10-03 | 17:32:21
    URL: http://meganfinger.blogspot.com
  • malo says:

    ÅH, så fint. Och vad roligt att få en liten glimt av hemma hos dig. Jag gillar jättemycket det gula/grå/svarta och lapptäcket i spjälsängen är underbart. Lycka till inför förlossning nu. Vad spännande.

    2009-10-03 | 20:48:25
    URL: http://maloblogg.blogspot.com
  • Polly R says:

    LOVE the makeover! Gorgeous. Can't wait to see the baby's nursery? xx

  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Thanks everyone!! It feels great to hear that you like it!

    There is no nursery to show yet, that room is just a big mess of tools and random stuff at the moment... But I'll show you all when it's done!

    2009-10-05 | 01:14:06
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • SNYdesign says:


    2009-10-05 | 10:32:17
    URL: http://snydesign.blogspot.com
  • jokemijn says:

    wondering about the rest of your house. Looks lovely.

    2009-10-05 | 12:35:15
    URL: http://jokemijn.blogspot.com
  • hanna says:

    oj, svårt att tänka att det är så det ser ut hemma hos dig, hade trott att det skulle vara lite mer vågat i färg och form med tanke på att de bilder som du publicerar...

    2009-10-05 | 16:39:54
  • Eva says:

    i love it, the shaker style hooks are awesome, and great colour scheme. I would maybe think of doing a built in bench along the wall with the same wood as the pegs...

    2009-10-05 | 20:42:36
    URL: http://www.otisandfrank.blogspot.com/
  • Julie says:

    I love the choice of colours in the bedroom: grey, mustard yellow...so peaceful..

    2009-10-11 | 09:15:40
    URL: http://www.famillesummerbelle.com
  • Tiel says:

    it just looks wonderful. congrats on you new baby girl.

    2009-10-19 | 11:52:32
    URL: http://tsktsk.typepad.com
  • marie says:

    Congrats on your new baby. Love the colour scheme too- white grey black and yellow, mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    2009-10-19 | 15:27:53
    URL: http://lustcovetenvy.blogspot.com/
  • decor8 Holly says:

    Oh Emma, I love this room, it's soooo pretty and serene. The color scheme is just great. And who knew I had my own paint company in Sweden? :)

    Beckers! Too funny!

    Thank you for sharing this glimpse of your beautiful home with all of us today. And I hope you are enjoying every precious moment with Per and Lynx.



    2009-10-22 | 23:24:45
    URL: http://www.decor8blog.com
  • Viv says:

    What a lovely room, really great makeover.

    2009-10-27 | 16:20:38
    URL: http://vivikas.etsy.com
  • Kate says:

    You know when people say 'you would look good in a bin bag?' well your place looks great. You have a enviable talent to style interiors. We should all sit up and take note.

    2009-10-27 | 21:37:43
    URL: http://blueskybutterflystudio.blogspot.com
  • Rebecca says:

    The improvised peg board is genius. So clean and practical. Nicely done!

    2009-10-28 | 19:10:39
    URL: http://sayschnicklefritz.blogspot.com
  • emma says:

    Kikar in^^

    2009-10-29 | 22:00:51
    URL: http://emmatjernlund.blogg.se/
  • baroquebabies says:

    Fabulous quilt!

    2009-11-04 | 11:39:36
    URL: http://www.baroquebabies.com
  • Hanna says:

    Kommer att bli sååå fint när du är klar. Mysigt med snetak! Älskar lapptäcket!

    2009-11-05 | 18:52:40
    URL: http://hannanonien.blogg.se/
  • sunny says:

    Beautiful bedroom! I especially adore the colors and the wood on the wall with the nails. I want just such a thing for my bedroom!

    2009-11-17 | 21:44:29
    URL: http://sunnysblog.typepad.com
  • Peter says:


    Vad är det för ett golv ni lagt in? Bambu? Var har ni hittat det?

    2009-11-17 | 22:06:40
  • Jenny says:

    I love your quilt your mother-in-law made! I would like my mother to make the same one! Can you find out the pattern/design for us to follow?

    2009-11-28 | 20:59:35

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