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Baby Gift Guide

Since Lo arrived, a month ago yesterday, I've been in total baby mode, and it seems everywhere I look I see beautiful things that I would like to get her! I thought I'd show some of them to you, because maybe you too have a little baby in your family or knows someone who does, and would like some suggestions for stylish baby gear? As you know, it's Christmas soon enough, so let's make this a baby gift guide:

Alice in Wonderland plates and tea cups by Shinzi Katoh.

The black and white Moln blanket by Gunila Axén.

Numbers poster by Sandra Juto

The Sixty-Eight wallpaper in black and white by Nama Rococo

The Casa Cabana playhouse from kidsonroof

Copper pilot helmet by Petit Nord

Eames rocker bodysuit from Mimimouse

Blackboard Matryoshka dolls from Muji

Mawok, a rocking hammock for babies.

Kebnekaise knitted pouf by Little Red Stuga


  • Sia says:

    That is one cool hammock... <3

    2009-11-07 | 14:36:24
    URL: http://siagrafica.visualblogging.com
  • Jenni says:

    Oh, I love all of those! They make me want to have a baby. :D I like your blog very much, I find it so inspiring!

    2009-11-07 | 15:29:23
    URL: http://64nelioa.blogspot.com
  • Elisabeth - anyhow.se says:

    Blackboard Matryoshka absolut suveräna - men hammocken!!! Wow!

    2009-11-08 | 10:37:27
    URL: http://levaleende.blogg.se/
  • Charlotta says:

    Underbara saker - gillar speciellt den stickade puffen!

    Hoppas du njuter av smekmanads tiden med Lo - somnlosa mjolk solade natter till trots! :)

    (har inga 'Svenska konsonanter' pa mitt Australiska tangentbord.. hoppas du kan lasa anda)


    2009-11-09 | 03:46:19
    URL: http://charlottaward.blogspot.com/
  • G says:


    2009-11-09 | 10:42:14
  • Ashburn Eng says:

    the knitted pouf looks like Mt. Fuji

    2009-11-09 | 18:01:39
    URL: http://www.testshootgallery.wordpress.com
  • Polly R says:

    So sweet! I love the blanket, Eames onesie and hammock! x

  • silvina says:

    i love evereything! your blog is great, I enjoy it so much.

    2009-11-10 | 09:44:52
    URL: http://www.marcapampa.com
  • Yvonne says:

    I found your blog by coincidence and I'm thrilled. But I can tell that your blog is a severe dange for my bank account. I just bought a couple of those Alice plates!

    Thanks for posting.

    I just subscribed

    Greetings from Hamburg,


    2009-11-10 | 12:03:44
    URL: http://pistazienundzuckerwatte.blogspot.com
  • Old School Acres says:

    Great list of items!

    2009-11-10 | 20:05:41
    URL: http://www.oldschoolacres.com
  • Jade says:

    Oh wow, they're all so amazing!

    2009-11-11 | 04:40:32
    URL: http://www.jadejing.blogspot.com
  • Nicole says:

    I love love love those Matryoshka dolls! Such a creative idea... and with the addition of blackboard chalk, would be fairly easy to make on your own. Thanks for pulling together such a great list fun of unique items!

    2009-11-11 | 18:36:57
    URL: http://withflourish.blogspot.com
  • Sally says:

    Omg, youre so cute

    2009-11-12 | 11:14:28
  • flutterbymama says:

    I just adore the hammock, blanket & wallpaper! Congratulations on your one month old BTW. I understand the lack of sleep! My boy is now 2 and just the most wonderful thing in my World. You are very lucky to live in such a style conscious Country. We had difficulty in finding such nice things here in the UK so much so that we had to order his bouncer seat from Svan direct from the Swedish manufacturer. It's fab, he loves it and has used it from only a few weeks old and he still watches his favourite programmes in it. Don't get me wrong, if you search hard enough over here you can find interesting things it's just unfirtunate that most of it is made in other European countries or the USA! Shame. Great blog and now I have found you I shall be coming back. Have a lovely day.

    2009-11-13 | 09:14:15
    URL: http://www.flutterbymama.co.uk
  • Justina says:

    Hello! I've been following and loving your blog! Congrats on little Lo, and the pouf looks simply fantastic!

    2009-11-13 | 20:49:26
    URL: http://makingmum.blogspot.com
  • Annie May says:

    the knitted pouf is just too adorable:-)

    2009-11-20 | 03:05:09
    URL: http://ww.yolksy.blogspot.com
  • baroquebabies says:

    love the numbers poster! The cool knitted pouf makes me think of mt. fuji.

    Laura in germany

    2009-11-24 | 21:46:54
    URL: http://www.baroquebabies.com

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