Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

The best from Swedish estate agents

Booli, a search engine for houses and apartments for sale in Sweden, just opened a new section called Inspiration. This is a place where all the most stylish pictures are collected, and I know how you love to see real Swedish homes (although these are of course staged to sell), so check it out! Below is a beautifully decorated apartment in Stockholm that I found while browsing the "Most liked" section.

Photographer Per Gunnarsson

Thanks to reader Tonje, I found photographer Per Gunnarsson's site. However, I thought it was a bit of a disappointment, because the pictures are few and of quite poor quality. You will get better results if you just google his name. These two photos are from the website, and I really love the kitchen! This is how I hope my kitchen will look after we give it a little budget makeover next year.

Grain de Couleur by Cécile Gonnard

After I posted about the RUM magazine earlier this week, I recieved an email from a French designer named Cécile Gonnard, saying she spotted her products in one of the pictures in RUM! What a nice surprise for her, and also a great discovery for me, as I followed the link to her website and found lots more lovely things... She designs towels, bedlinen, cushions, bibs and more with beautiful photographic prints on them. Here are some of my favorites, all available online at Grain de Couleur.

Edit: Cécile is not the only designer behind Grain de Couleur, and has not personally designed the items in picture one and three. To see Céciles work, go to her personal website here.

Playful Mix in Sköna Hem

I've seen a lot of beautiful pictures lately by photographer Per Gunnarsson, but I can't seem to find his website. Fortunately, Sköna Hem's web is full of his pictures, and these are my latest favourites. This home belongs to interior decorator Mia Lundström and is located in the very south of Sweden, Skåne.

Art prints from Itchyshop

I got an email from an artist called Emmy Lincoln, saying she likes my blog, and a link to her webshop; Itchyshop. I had some time to waste (very rare these days) so I clicked through, and found this super sweet art print called Skogen (=The forest). Isn't it cute? It brought a smile to my face in the middle of the night, and that's got to be worth something!

RUM magazine

I'm back! From today, I've promised myself to do my very best to post every day again. It's taken a while to get into the groove of having a baby in the house, but I believe we are on the right path now, so I should have a couple of minutes every day to sit down here and work on my posts.

These pictures are from the latest issue of RUM, a Danish interior mag that unfortunately isn't available here in Sweden. I think I might have to ask my news agent to import it for me...

Photographer Sharyn Cairns

Some light and beautiful photos by Australian photographer Sharyn Cairns to brighten up this gray November day.

Baby Gift Guide

Since Lo arrived, a month ago yesterday, I've been in total baby mode, and it seems everywhere I look I see beautiful things that I would like to get her! I thought I'd show some of them to you, because maybe you too have a little baby in your family or knows someone who does, and would like some suggestions for stylish baby gear? As you know, it's Christmas soon enough, so let's make this a baby gift guide:

Alice in Wonderland plates and tea cups by Shinzi Katoh.

The black and white Moln blanket by Gunila Axén.

Numbers poster by Sandra Juto

The Sixty-Eight wallpaper in black and white by Nama Rococo

The Casa Cabana playhouse from kidsonroof

Copper pilot helmet by Petit Nord

Eames rocker bodysuit from Mimimouse

Blackboard Matryoshka dolls from Muji

Mawok, a rocking hammock for babies.

Kebnekaise knitted pouf by Little Red Stuga