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Photo print curtain by Bauke Knottnerus

I found this amazing curtain by Dutch designer Bauke Knottnerus on the girl in the green dress, and thought it was a great idea! Photo prints are so cool, and widely available now, you can get your own fabric print in almost any photo shop these days. So if you have an image of an interior you really love, you can get it in real size for your home. Instant decorating, that takes up almost no space but adds a lot of style to your home!


  • Tilda B. HervĂ© says:

    really great! unfortunately we don't have this offer in switzerland... do you have a www adress?

    2009-03-31 | 09:34:59
    URL: http://madameherve.typepad.com
  • emma says:

    I can't find anyone with international shipping, but another suggestion is to go to a sign printer, you know the places where they print ad campaigns, shop signs and such. They have huge printers and can print on any material!

    2009-04-01 | 18:00:51
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Cococozy says:

    Great curtain. Great find.

    <a href="http://www.cococozy.com">COCOCOZY</a>

    2009-04-02 | 07:54:27
    URL: http://www.cococozy.com
  • debi van zyl says:


    2009-04-08 | 05:39:09
    URL: http://debivanzyl.blogspot.com
  • renata says:

    i am from Brasil!

    I love this idea and your Blog! Fantastic!

    i want to know if u mind if i post something from your blog in mine blog.




    2009-04-29 | 03:52:45
    URL: http://www.referindo.blogspot.com

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