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You know this thing that happens once a year, and lasts for way too short? It's warm and green and sunny and full of icecream and road trips and kids with grazed knees... Yes, it's summer! And it's going on right now! I'm trying my best to seize it, so computer time is minimized on sunny days like these, and I hope you can forgive me for that. I'll try to post every day, but it might just be one picture, ok?

Here is today's pic, I hope you like it...


  • Amy says:

    I want that table! So cute!

    2009-06-23 | 03:24:57
    URL: http://www.waxyhearts.com
  • Laurent de Casalil says:

    Of Course we forgive you if you get sunny time, enjoy it!!!! It's just for a few while, in sweden as I remember!!!! I worked as store manager for IKEA during 8 years, and I know a litlle bit of Stockholm... I would be really happy to come back through your indications... May be once in the future months.... Thanks for all your ideas, it' very inspiring!!! all the best from North of France. Laurence

    2009-06-23 | 06:50:24
    URL: http://casalil.blogs.marieclairemaison.com
  • Purple Area says:

    Love it!!

    2009-06-23 | 10:16:58
    URL: http://purplearea.blogspot.com
  • Anonym says:

    I LOVE this image!! SO sweet;)

    2009-06-23 | 19:11:16
  • Ifra Lahell says:

    Fantastisk- elsker kontrasten i materialene! Tror jeg må gå til anskaffelse av noen rislamper jeg og!

    Takk for hyggelig kommentar på min blogg!

    Kos deg i solen og nyt sommeren-

    2009-06-24 | 08:07:29
    URL: http://www.ifralahell.blogspot.com
  • eva says:

    love the lanterns and the colour scheme, the wood...ooohhh drooling. have fun at the beach:)

    2009-06-25 | 06:42:05
    URL: http://otisandfrank.blogspot.com/

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