Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Photographer Annika Vannerus

To see what Swedish summers are all about, check out the portfolio of Annika Vannerus.


  • Puur Anders says:

    Hé, you're back (I was on a holiday, so I missed your first posts)! And I know the first weeks of pregnacy aren't very fine. I'm pregnant too! How funny.

    2009-06-25 | 21:07:53
    URL: http://www.puuranders.blogspot.com
  • by JOS says:

    beautiful photos! and yes it sure feels like summer.

    2009-06-26 | 13:30:57
    URL: http://simpleblueprint.typepad.com/
  • Karina says:

    love it! makes me want to trade places!

    2009-06-26 | 18:34:13
    URL: http://platformmag.net/
  • Nicola says:

    la la love that tree-bed-garden-heaven pic

    2009-06-28 | 09:42:16
    URL: http://www.concretehoney.blogspot.com
  • Jennifer Squires Ross says:

    Beautiful photographs! I love the shallow focus!

    2009-07-13 | 21:35:19
    URL: http://www.jennifersquires.ca/blog
  • Markk says:

    The outdoors bed reminds me of an article on apartmenttherapy where they talk about sleeping on porches in thr southern states of the USA... is this thing really sleepable or is the bed just a concept?

    would be amazing to sleep in it on a stary night!

    2009-07-21 | 14:54:01
    URL: http://www.click4beds.co.uk

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