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Hotel du Nord in BoligLiv

Last spring I made a post about Hotel du Nord at Bornholm, and now I found an article about it in the Danish magazine BoligLiv, and just had to post it here! Perhaps some of you haven't seen this hotel before? And even if you have, it's well worth looking at again. And again. I wish I could live here, all year long!


  • Brinja says:

    Bornholm is the most amazing place I love it! I didn't know this hotel, but I will definitely have a closer look the next time I visit!

    Thanks for sharing:)

    2009-07-27 | 13:38:47
    URL: http://brinja.wordpress.com
  • Inspirera Mera says:

    Vilket härligt hotell!

    Kram Sandra

    2009-07-27 | 14:18:34
    URL: http://inspireramera.se
  • eco-stylista says:

    What an amazing place!

    2009-07-27 | 16:33:51
    URL: http://eco-stylista.blogspot.com
  • ieva jansone says:

    oh, i'd love to have a loooong stay at that hotel! do you know what are the prices, btw?

    2009-07-27 | 23:47:58
    URL: http://dingedieichmag.blogspot.com
  • emma says:

    The prices are great actually! I can't remember exactly now, but well under 100€/night.

    2009-07-28 | 05:33:52
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • margarita says:

    never heard of this hotel, it looks so relax and easy going, looks more lie a nice house than a hotel, sure u must feel very welcome in there.

    2009-07-29 | 11:05:14
    URL: http://chocolatecreative.bigcartel.com/
  • Peter says:

    Beautiful. I'd love to stay there. It's also nice to note that many objects are from Ikea. As an Ikea lover, it's great see that Ikea products can hold up in a high traffic areas ; )

    2009-07-29 | 21:40:27

    borgholm here i come!

    trevlig helg.


    2009-08-07 | 22:36:27
    URL: http://simpleblueprint.typepad.com

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