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Atelier Haussmann

I found this picture in my inbox yesterday. Just the picture, no text. The email came from Atelier Haussmann. I thought you might like it.


  • Lisa Occhipinti says:

    like it? Love it! Thanks for sharing...

    2009-07-15 | 14:18:18
    URL: http://locchipinti.com
  • liza says:

    I do! And also the mystery of the e-mail...

    2009-07-15 | 20:12:09
    URL: http://postcardsfromcolorado.blogspot.com/
  • Amy Nguyen says:

    I LOVE and am a HUGE fan of your blog! Hope you can take the time to check out my site!

    We sell Vintage and Designer clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place. We have some really great things up right now! Studded boots, Alexander Wang halter top, and vintage blazers. Check it out!


    2009-07-15 | 22:19:42
    URL: http://www.fashionlagniappe.blogspot.com
  • PlushPalate says:

    Oh I DO love it! The thin lines are so modern and swoonworthy! Thanks for sharing this one :)

    2009-07-16 | 04:28:24
    URL: http://plushpalate.blogspot.com
  • Kamilla Olsen says:

    takk for inspirasjonen til a sett opp min egen designblogg

    Du har noen fantastiske side og jeg er overlykkelig over at jeg fant flere links som ga meg lyst til a fortsettemed min egen blog selv om det tar tid


    2009-07-16 | 07:02:18
    URL: http://allmyhomes.blogspot.com
  • Mark says:

    Nice looking bed. not sure about the black tho and i can just imagine sleeping off the top of the bed and banging my head on the metal bar that would be the headboard lol. It would look cool in white or something like a funky day glow orange for a more contemporary look.

    2009-07-21 | 14:26:29
    URL: http://www.click4beds.co.uk
  • Shaun says:

    I cant imagine you would get much sleep in that bed or bedroom!!

    2009-08-26 | 18:21:16
    URL: http://www.totalfurnishing.co.uk
  • Design Squish says:

    Rugged beams look so nice.

    2010-03-10 | 14:03:54
    URL: http://blog.designsquish.com
  • Design Squish says:

    This bed reminds me of hotels in communist Russia. in a good way.

    2010-03-10 | 14:05:35
    URL: http://blog.designsquish.com

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