Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Danish style

Family friendly dining room

 I want a highchair just like this for the baby. Guess I'll have to search every fleamarket in Sweden, because I've never seen this one before... The wall decoration in this room is handpainted by Helena Bodin (who also designed the table together with Johanna Egnell), but I'm sure you could find some similar wall stickers.

Hotel du Nord in BoligLiv

Last spring I made a post about Hotel du Nord at Bornholm, and now I found an article about it in the Danish magazine BoligLiv, and just had to post it here! Perhaps some of you haven't seen this hotel before? And even if you have, it's well worth looking at again. And again. I wish I could live here, all year long!

Saturday Sweets

Are you ready for your eye candy? Ok here it comes, in the form of a long row of bedrooms!

Minimalist bedroom

London Loft Kitchen

Just look at the kitchen of this London loft, shot by Jordi Canosa and styled by Daniela Cavestany. Pretty much the perfect modern/rustic/industrial kitchen, right?

The other rooms aren't too bad either...

More from Daniel Jasiak

Today I received even more pictures from Daniel Jasiak's beautiful world! Don't they make you want to go visit him?

Daniel Jasiak

One of the pictures I posted in the Dining Rooms inspiration post was from designer and art director Daniel Jasiak's Paris apartment, taken by photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo. He emailed me about this, and also sent me some links to his blog, the webshop where he sells his clothes, and his Japanese brand of deco details Maison Godnarski. All of these are fab, so take some time to check them out!

He also sent me some more pictures of his home that I would like to share with you. The top ones are from his home in Paris and are shot by Ngoc:

And below some photos by Daniel himself from his country house:

Atelier Haussmann

I found this picture in my inbox yesterday. Just the picture, no text. The email came from Atelier Haussmann. I thought you might like it.

Dining Rooms

Anyone redecorating their dining room soon? Maybe you'd like some inspiration? Here you go, my "Dining Rooms" folder is overflowing...

Nursery inspiration

Ever since I got the + on the stick this winter, I've been thinking about how to decorate the nursery. We know it's going to be a boy (his name will be Carl Elvis Elton) but that doesn't really matter to me, I wouldn't have been painting the room either pink or blue anyway...
The room is tiny with a sloped ceiling, hardwood floors and the walls are going to be white. These are some of the pictures I have collected for inspiration, please tell me what you think!

Animals and cars will definitely be on display!

I have this poster by Elisabeth Dunker, and some vintage toy blocks that I'm planning to use.

A paper mobile or garland is on the "must have list"

A small wardobe is getting painted white any day now, and it will get fairy lights in some way on top of it.

I've bought an old sugar crate wich will be a perfect storage solution for toys or books.

I'm thinking of hanging a simple curtain in this Ikea fabric on a clothes hanger. It won't be heart shaped though.

This crib is awesome! However, ours will most likely be from Ikea if I can't find a nice vintage one before October.

Bedroom dreams

Hi all, did you miss me? I guess I kind of got stuck in vacation mode, and all the inspiration to post here went out the window...  Anyway, here is a pic for you:

It's what I dream of for when our bedroom renovations are done. Unfortunately, I already know it will look nothing like this, since we have zero budget, and our room looks nothing like this... But one can still dream, right?

Scandinavian summer house in Australia

I'm still on vacation, but it's raining today so I'm staying in for a while, catching up on my blog reading... And there is something I wanted to show you!
Have a look at this amazing beach retreat at St Andrews Beach in Australia, very much inspired by Scandinavian style. The house is owned and styled by Deborah McLean from the Busy Being Fabulous blog, and photographed by Maikka Trupp. Deb tells me the house isn't quite finished yet, so I'm hoping to get more pictures of this stunning house in the future... When it's all done, the house is going to be marketed as a location house in Australia for photo shoots and alike.