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Stylist Sidsel Zachariassen

To get back on a more positive note, I would like to introduce Sidsel Zachariassen, one of Denmark's best known stylists, and some examples from her portfolio I thought you would like:


  • Ms Unreliable says:

    Very elegant and effortless! Love the second picture in particular, the wall feature is subtle and lovely, and I dream of having timber floorboards and enough room to have a couch that isn't 2 metres from my TV!

    2009-01-27 | 18:32:09
    URL: http://thatunreliablegirl.blogspot.com
  • s says:

    i really really do not like the poster on the wall "i am not afraid of empty space." i like the sentiment, but it would be much more interesting then to just leave the space empty and let the viewer infer your lack of fear of a blank wall. as it is, to shout it seems to say the opposite of what you want to say. or, maybe that's the point? hmmm.

    2009-01-28 | 21:05:10
    URL: http://waterandwool@gmail.com
  • *SNYdesign says:

    Elsker slike gamle barmikserutstyr. Herlig! Kjempefin blogg forresten:)

    2009-02-03 | 12:14:31
    URL: http://www.snydesign.blogspot.com
  • Mireille says:

    oh i know the home in the photos on rows 2 and 3! i saw it featured in an australian home magazine as a "student" apartment where the designer was living. love that she has made such a name for herself. a lot of the place was done by herself, like the paint features on the wall, which makes it all the more beautiful.

    2009-02-04 | 08:09:47
    URL: http://sillychili.typepad.com
  • Kera says:

    i love your style and your blog...i linked up to your blog on mine- i hope you don't mind. keep the inspiration coming!

    2009-02-05 | 04:44:40
    URL: http://www.runningmommy04.blogspot.com
  • Daniel says:

    "I'm not afraid of empty space".. I like that.

    2009-02-19 | 11:09:01
    URL: http://www.notlikely.org

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