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Photographer Anna Kern

When I looked at Desire to Inspire a few days ago, I started laughing. Why? Well, this Australian blog featured Swedish photographer Anna Kern, who I have actually worked with on a shoot a couple of years ago, when I was freelancing as a styling assistant for decorator and fabric designer Maria Löw. Why does it take a blogger on the other side of the world to remind me of the good stuff I really already know? Well, sometimes you can't see the things that are right in front of you... But thanks to Kim on Desire to Inspire, here are some shots from Anna Kern's portfolio:


  • malo says:

    Över ån efter vatten ...osv

    Gult får mig alltid att stanna till. Och vilken ofattbar succe den där Kartellampan. Den ser nästan ny ut överallt.

    2009-01-02 | 19:57:43
    URL: http://maloblogg@gmail.com
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    nice interior and nice color combination between the room and furniture

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