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News on the RUM website

Danish interiors magazine RUM always have the most stunning photos as page headers on their website. I saw today that they have all new headers up. Very nice!

Click here if you would like a sneak peek of the latest issue of the magazine.


  • Anonym says:

    fint ! :)

    2009-01-09 | 22:06:53
    URL: http://louiselindhes.blogg.se/
  • Purple Area says:

    I like it, thanks for sharing!!

    2009-01-11 | 16:24:30
    URL: http://purplearea.blogspot.com
  • Jenny sammy rose says:

    Jättefin tidning. Älskar den där larvlikande soffgruppen på översta bilden.

    2009-01-12 | 17:02:56
    URL: http://sammyrose.blogg.se/
  • nath says:


    I've just discovered your blog today - it really does feel like a discovery! So many beautiful things to look at.

    I love the green and white dining chairs - they look so familiar yet I can't remember the name of them... do you know?

    2009-01-13 | 22:38:29
    URL: http://le-petit-oiseau.blogspot.com/
  • emma says:

    Hi Nath, thanks for the sweet comment! And those chairs, well it's Eames DSX chairs, so no wonder they look familiar. :-)

    2009-01-14 | 02:47:56
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Ms Unreliable says:

    That last picture looks like a slice of my dream home!

    2009-01-14 | 14:13:36
    URL: http://thatunreliablegirl.blogspot.com

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