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Favourites of 2008, part 8, Work Spaces/Studios

I love work spaces! So much in fact, I used to have a desk in my living room, although I never ever used it! Crazy, isn't it? Well, you see, I have a laptop, so I don't need a desk to blog, I always lie in bed or on the couch. And when I craft, I always sit on the floor, where I can spread out properly. But home offices and work spaces are so easy to style in a nice way, so I just had to have one of my own. All of the cool office supplies, beautiful notebooks and stylish storage boxes just begged to have a place on my fifties table. It looked so good! But I can't use a whole corner of my living room as a fake office, right? That is just stupid, living three people in a two bedroom flat, so space is tight even without extra, useless furniture. So it had to go. Which is why I now have a billion inspirational studio photos to share with you. I drool over them, knowing that I will probably never have use of a desk in my home. Enjoy!


  • madi says:

    thanks for sharing these beautiful work spaces!

    2009-01-08 | 04:34:27
    URL: http://broadcastpoulet.blogspot.com
  • Lena says:

    I love the chair in picture number 5! I really, really want that.

    2009-01-08 | 09:04:28
    URL: http://losformos.wordpress.com
  • Elisabeth says:

    Härliga bilder.

    2009-01-08 | 19:19:50
    URL: http://finelittleday.blogspot.com/
  • SpiegelEule says:


    i think i couldn't work in such empty and small areas. i need more space and chaos to get the workflow

    2009-01-08 | 21:37:49
    URL: http://www.stylesnapshots.blogspot.com
  • jenny says:

    Alltså, man blir sjuk av titta på inspirerande bilder för man vill då inreda om allt härhemma!

    2009-01-09 | 15:45:38
    URL: http://jennyk.blogg.se/
  • becky says:

    Oh my, you have totally inspired me to clean up my act! I've been trying to collect images of workspaces for a long time and do a post, but you've completely blown anything I could do out of the water - I just love the aesthetic shown here!

    2009-01-12 | 17:33:45
    URL: http://thebubbreport.blogspot.com
  • Sophie says:

    Your blog is awesome,I like that framed phrase I had to blog it.keep up the great job you are doing!Is so inspiring!

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