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Favourites of 2008, part 6, Bathrooms

I was thinking that this would be the last post in this series. But maybe you want more? I have some folders on my computer containing childrens rooms and work spaces/studios, do you want me to post something from those too, or are you getting tired of seeing reruns here?

Here we go, my favourite bathroom pics from 2008!


  • S. says:

    I'd love to see the work spaces/studios

    2009-01-07 | 14:03:41
  • ins says:

    YES ! we want more !!!!! (children rooms)


    2009-01-07 | 14:14:48
  • Jenny Sammy Rose says:

    Tack för att du tänkte ge mig ditt kök. Det var en fin tanke. Om än omöjlig.

    2009-01-07 | 15:17:44
    URL: http://sammyrose.blogg.se/
  • Sproet says:

    So do I ... (spaces/studios)

    I like youre site!!!

    2009-01-07 | 16:21:28
  • Eve says:

    Yes I want more too :)

    And some children rooms too :)

    Thanks for your lovely site

    2009-01-07 | 16:25:33
  • tiMbo says:

    please more. your blog is my top choice and i would love to see what you come up with for outdoor/ patio spaces!

    keep it up!

    2009-01-07 | 16:38:11
  • lia dominique says:

    children's rooms please. anything you pick is just fine.

    2009-01-07 | 16:49:48
  • Jessica says:

    Children's rooms, yes please!!!

    2009-01-07 | 17:23:19
  • christina says:

    Oh yes, we want more! Children's rooms top of my wish list!

    2009-01-07 | 17:50:25
  • Esba says:

    Third one is just perfect with Habitat clock!

    2009-01-07 | 20:01:30
    URL: http://kaksihuonettajakeittio.wordpress.com
  • Robin says:

    More more more! I want to see both childrens room and work places!

    Thanks for a great blog!

    2009-01-07 | 22:24:32
  • Jessica says:

    More please!!!!

    2009-01-08 | 23:27:59
  • Lindsay says:

    Beautiful as always. I remember seeing one of these bathroom shots on your blog before - the tub with that amazing mandala/floral grass mat. I have never seen one of those mats anywhere. Do you or does anyone know where to get one? Anyway, thanks for all the year-end collections.

    2009-01-09 | 07:07:25
    URL: http://blog.ounodesign.com

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