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Eckmann Alive

Eckmann Alive is a Danish company specializing in styling, design and trendspotting in the areas of living, lifestyle and food. The company was founded in 1985 by Anette Eckmann, and now they are five persons doing anything from family homes and fair booths to logotypes and web sites! I found some nice examples of their styling work:


  • Annette says:

    Yes, Anette Eckmann is very spot on when it comes to trends - that is aslo part of why I´m looking forward to next week, where I am going to the Formland Fair in Denmark. Here she is usually the one who works with the general trendstyle of the fair.

    2009-01-26 | 21:39:21
    URL: http://wallyspaper.blogspot.com

    BEAUTIFUL! Going to check their site out now. : )

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