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Apartment styled by Christine Rudolph

This morning, I was looking at the site of Taverne Agency for a nice apartment to feature here, and once I had decided on one, I looked at the credits and realized it was actually styled by Christine Rudolph, who I posted about yesterday! Isn't that just a little weird? It's not like the internet isn't full of gorgeous pictures, so it's quite a coincidence don't you think?
Anyway, here it is, a Melbourne apartment photographed by Mikkel Vang and styled by Christine Rudolph:


  • Milla S says:

    Ohh... så ljuvliga bilder!

    2009-01-22 | 11:55:10
    URL: http://milla-andante.blogspot.com
  • Benedicte says:

    Lovely pictures! I remember seeing this home in Elle Interiør a few years ago. :)

    2009-01-22 | 22:26:44
    URL: http://www.tippiella.blogspot.com
  • wissma says:

    Inspiring pictures - I like the line-accentuated perspective in the first one. Thanks for the amazing blog, Emma!

    2009-01-22 | 22:38:23
  • jolin says:

    vilken fin blogg du har! ta gärna en titt i min också:)

    har en fortsatt trevlig dag

    2009-01-23 | 14:19:45
    URL: http://joolins.blogg.se/
  • Jenny Sammy Rose says:

    Tjusigt som vanligt Emma! Fick du bilden idag?

    2009-01-23 | 17:24:56
    URL: http://sammyrose.blogg.se/
  • Elisabeth says:

    Åh men du jag är alltid totalsåld på möbler på hjul, en liten säng ett par stooora hjul & en hög med kuddar - helrätt!

    Gillar stort ensamma bilden näst längst ned!

    2009-01-24 | 00:25:23
    URL: http://levaleende.blogg.se/
  • hanna says:

    fina bilder !

    2009-01-24 | 00:27:05
    URL: http://honhannah.blogg.se/
  • emma says:

    Japp Jenny, jag fick bilden! Tack så jättemycket!

    2009-01-24 | 01:20:53
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • soon lee says:

    these are really nice. thank you for showcasing such inspiring interiors!

    2009-01-24 | 02:25:59
    URL: http://soonlee.blogspot.com
  • siw says:

    Nydelig leilighet, Christine Rudolph er en god stylist, ser ofte gode bilder der hun har vært innvolvert.


    2009-01-24 | 13:28:26
    URL: http://design-shimmer.blogspot.com/
  • Tavelhus says:

    Vilka fina bilder!

    2009-01-24 | 16:49:34
    URL: http://www.tavelhus.blogspot.com
  • johanna Buschmann says:

    I love the muted color scheme, if only every space were so ethereal

    2009-01-25 | 01:45:42
    URL: http://textontextiles.blogspot.com
  • Chris says:

    Emma...hello from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, USA. I just love your blog. It's one of my daily must reads. Thank you for brining us some inspirational design.

    2009-01-25 | 02:43:43
  • kylie says:

    Gorgeous apartment! I wonder where in Melb it's located (I live in Melb). I've always wanted to live in something with lots of white.

    2009-01-25 | 23:35:10
    URL: http://www.mizudesigns.blogspot.com

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