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Alternative Xmas trees by le vestiaire de jeanne

I know, Christmas is over, but I just found all these awesome christmas trees that Charlotte over at le vestiaire de jeanne has invented. I want to make all of these for next christmas!
le vestiaire de jeanne is really a blog about childrens fashion, more specifically the clothing collection that Charlotte designs. It started out as clothes for her little sister Jeanne, but became a huge success, and now I can't wait until the adult collection is released. I love the outfits, this is exactly how I'd like to dress every day!

And I couldn't stop myself from including some more pictures from her blog...


  • jimena galeano says:

    wonderful place , wonderful trees, wonderful table, wonderful chimney, I love el vestuario de jeanne

    2009-01-03 | 16:16:00
    URL: http://jimenagaleano.blogspot.com
  • moseplassen says:

    Style-file presenterte ett superflott juletre laget på veggen med bilder og småting. Litt i samme stil som de du viser her. Desverre får jeg ikke opp siden deres nå, men det fungerer vel senere.

    2009-01-03 | 17:34:27
    URL: http://moseplassen.blogspot.com
  • stephanie says:

    Wow! Love her aesthetic! I can't wait until she makes an adult line :) Those are some stylish kids.

    2009-01-03 | 23:14:05
    URL: http://sbarnscher.blogspot.com
  • Linda says:

    Vilken roliga idéer!!

    2009-01-05 | 11:07:19
    URL: http://www.homepoint.se
  • Lila says:

    She has an eye for pretty much everything AND as i got luky to meet her several times during various "salons/fairs", she is a very very sweet girl too.

    As Jeanne she is a true beautiful, classy and shy young girl.

    Quite a artistic and creative family they make as now the "teenager" sister is having an adult collection out there soon!!!

    Thanks for highlighting that great and really young french designer!!!

    2009-01-05 | 18:19:09
    URL: http://www.ventsdeboheme.typepad.com

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