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Out of focus

Lately my head has been feeling like a whirlwhind. A lot has happened in my life over the last few weeks, and a very big decision needed to be made. Now I have made the choice, but my mind is nowhere near thinking about furniture and design. So updates here will probably be pretty few and far between for a little while until I get my focus back.
I am planning a post soon on my favorite blogs, so don't worry, you will still be able to get your daily style fix!


  • Sarah says:

    Hope to see you back soon! I think you do a great job and you are one of my favourites.

    2009-02-15 | 16:38:02
  • bonnie tsang says:

    Things will get better one way or another. Hang in there!!

    2009-02-15 | 17:03:22
    URL: http://bonnietsang.bigfolioblog.com
  • Daniel says:

    Big decisions are always for the better in the long run! I'm sure to keep checking in!

    2009-02-15 | 21:38:50
    URL: http://bouboulemodern.blogspot.com/
  • Charlotte says:

    Nej, va tråkigt. Jag som just hittat dig och är så förtjust. Hoppas du får det bra under tiden och att du snart kommer tillbaka! :)

    2009-02-15 | 22:55:36
    URL: http://www.tidningenhennes.se/charlotte
  • Rowena says:

    Take care!!

    2009-02-16 | 19:13:55
    URL: http://fairyfayesfinds.blogspot.com
  • famapa says:

    ta det lugnt och återhämta dig! hoppas att allt går bra.

    2009-02-16 | 21:22:17
    URL: http://www.myfunnyeye.blogspot.com
  • PRand says:

    I only just discovered you! It means going through the archives — maybe something you have thought about yourself. ;-)

    Big decisions can be both very exciting and scary. Good for you for making the big decision.

    2009-02-17 | 02:27:08
    URL: http://designapplause.com
  • The Deco Detective says:

    Good luck Emma. I don't know whether your decision is a happy or a sad one; but it's probably better still to actually have made it instead of being in doubt.

    2009-02-17 | 09:36:09
    URL: http://thedecodetective.blogspot.com
  • Biba says:

    Good luck Emma, hope things aren't too hard for you. Your blog is also one of my faves so i'll always check in :)

    2009-02-17 | 13:01:52
    URL: http://inspirationbubble.blogspot.com
  • Anna Maria Odeholm says:

    Hej Emma,

    Hoppas innerligt att du kommer tillbaka med dina fina inlägg. Även då jag jobbar på en tidning och jag får se så mycket bra, så har dina val i inredningsvärlden stämmts så väl in på mina egna. Inte minst när det gäller wabi sabi.

    :o) Anna Maria på Sköna hem

    2009-02-17 | 15:21:12
  • Christina says:

    Är allt ok?!

    2009-02-18 | 18:23:20
    URL: http://thefamilysajt.blogspot.com
  • Frida says:

    Hej Emma, hoppas att det lättar snart! Jag vet hur det är att tappa fokus ibland, sitter i precis samma sits just nu.. Kom snart tillbaka, kram / Frida

  • emma says:

    Thank you so much everyone, for your concern and compliments. I'm ok, you don't have to worry, and I will be back soon!

    2009-02-19 | 17:51:44
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/

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