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New products from Hommin

Do you remember the bird light, and the bird bookmark, that was all over the blogosphere last year? They were designed by Hommin, and at this years furniture fair Hommin presented these two new great products: The Starlight lamp and the Necklace & Clothes hanging system. Read more about the news at Hommin's website.

Via Malo


  • Anonym says:

    Hi Emma, you've been tagged! I love your blog :)

    2009-02-10 | 18:19:36
    URL: http://inspirationbubble.blogspot.com
  • Rynke says:

    I have that bird bookmark, I love Hommin!

    That Hanging System is greaaaat!

    2009-02-10 | 20:08:53
    URL: http://blog.studiohelmich.nl
  • Christoffer says:

    Hej Emma,

    Fin och välskriven blogg! Fick själv upp intresset för svensk design för ett par år sedan när jag fick boken "Moderna antikviteter" nån jul. Det är en introduktion till skandinavisk moderna design.

    2009-02-11 | 08:03:27
    URL: http://www.kopabostadguiden.se
  • veronica says:

    Hi Emma,

    your blog is very very nice, i really like your style.

    thanks to your beautiful blog I decided to open one myself.

    so much pleasure to meet you.


    2009-02-20 | 00:14:32
    URL: http://baubauhome.blogspot.com
  • Noemi says:

    Oh, i saw these at the furniture fair and really loved them! would love to have then in a future shop...

    2009-03-16 | 17:52:38
    URL: http://www.madebynoemi.com/blog
  • Kajsa says:

    Åh, tack för inspirationen. +gillar+

    2009-06-12 | 19:59:34
    URL: http://enbartkajsa.blogg.se/

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